Jainism and the Temples of Mount Abu and Ranakpur

Posted: 26.02.2010
Updated on: 24.07.2012

Jainism And The Temples Of Mount Abu And Ranakpur


Little is known about the Jain faith outside India, for the small Jain community has formed a gentle stream within the strong currents of the Indian mainstream. Though it shares many of its tenets with Hinduism, and is a contemporary of Buddhism, Jainism preaches an austere lifestyle, and has a philosophy all its own. However, Jain extravagance is unleashed when its temples where the architectural excellence and the sculptures are rendered as paeans of design reflecting a rich religious panorama. Since photography at these shrines is rarely permitted, especially in the areas in and around the sanctum, this book with its wonderful pictures of Mt. Abu and Ranakpur should go a long way in enlightening the visitor about the Jain way of life. The supporting text provides a concise insight about the various strands that go into the making of Jain religious beliefs.


A coffetable book.


Lothar Clermount (Text), Thomas Dix (photos).


Gyan Gaurav Publishers, Jodhpur, India









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Jainism And The Temples Of Mount Abu And Ranakpur


Jainism And The Temples Of Mount Abu And Ranakpur




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