The Jaina And The British - Tuebingen University International Workshop

Published: 19.02.2010
Updated: 30.12.2010

Collaboration and Conflict Concealment and Contribution
during the 19th and early 20th century

February 19th / 20th 2010

Tuebingen University (Germany)
Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies
Castle Hohentuebingen
Room 165

Friday February 19th 2010

9:30 Welcoming speech
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Leonhardt (Dean of the Department of Cultural Studies, Tuebingen University)
Dr. Heike Moser (Co-ordinator of the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, Tuebingen University)
10:00 Dr. Peter Flügel (SOAS, London)
Changing Self-Perceptions: Reflections on the Social History of Modern Jainism
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Sushil Premchand (PRS Group, Mumbai)
The Life of Premchand Roychand: Wisdom above Riches
12:15 A film of Zafar Hai
Merchant Princes of Bombay
13:00 Lunch

Prof. Dr. Natarajan Rajalakshmi (Madras University, Chennai)
Economics of Jainism: A Focus on India

14:45 Dr. Hawon Ku (National University, Seoul)
Legal Cases of Shatrunjaya: Shaping Jaina Identity during the 19th Century
15:30 Coffee Break

Dr. Anna Aurelia Esposito (Wuerzburg University)
An Account of German and Italian Jaina Studies during the 19th and early 20th Century

16:45 Guided Tour: Castle Hohentuebingen
19:00 Dinner (meeting point: "Weinstube Forelle")

Saturday February 20th 2010


Prof. Dr. John Cort (Denison University, Ohio)
In Search of "Hindu Fiction":
The First "School" of Jain Studies in the U.S.


Prof. Dr. Leslie Orr (Concordia University, Montreal)
Orientalists, Missionaries and Jains: The South Indian Story


Coffee Break


Bal Patil (Jain Minority Forum, New Delhi, via video transmission)
The Jain Minority Issue


Dr. Christoph Emmrich (University of Toronto)
Its Usefulness to the Tamil People: the Jaina Text in the Making of Modern South Indian Literary Histories

13:00 Lunch

Prof. Dr. Mahesh Joshi
(Saurashtra University, Rajkot)
The Contributions of the Jaina in British India


Gira Shroff-Gratier (Independent Consultant for the European Commission, Brussels)
A Shroff Family: from Moneylenders to international Cosmopolitans


Coffee Break


Dr. Andrea Luithle-Hardenberg (Tuebingen University)
Alexander Walker of Bowland's "Account of the Jeyn": A starting Point of Jaina-British Encounters


Final Disscussion

19:00 Dinner (meeting point: "Hotel am Schloss")

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