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Published: 22.02.2010
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"Desire, Anger and Greed open the door of hell - Yuvacharya Mahashraman"

Yuvacharya Shree during his regular discourse said that according to Geeta desires, anger and greed makes the way towards the hell. These are not the basic qualities and attributes of soul and all these passions puts covering on its true nature. Those people who has high altitude of desire, anger and greed deviates from the real aim of life. According to Jain Darshan all these 3 Tatava's are the branches of attachment (Mohniya karma). As a result of these self destructing passions, a person attracts and acquires karmas which ultimately roll down the person to hell.

Yuvacharya Shri also told the actual meaning of marriage according to Indian tradition was basically to get a partner for life not for just pleasure. Today the scenario has completely changed. Tolerance power has been declined steeply between husband and wife who have lead to flood in divorce cases in courts. Mutual tolerance and understanding is the core solution of this increasing social problem. He also affirmed that Shravaks should not inculcate anger in their behaviour as it does not only end up affecting people both mentally and physically but also eradicates conscience of person who does anger and on whom it is done.


8177984596 Yuvacharya Shri giving discourse
8177985384 Gathering in morning discourse
8177984862 Blended with the auspicious feeling of Good of every body, Yuvacharya Shree reciting MANGAL PATH
Sri Tulsiram Choraria

English Captions: Mahima Bokariya

Translation: Rekha Jain

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