FIU Jain Education Fund - Tirthankar Mahavir Professorship Of Jainism

Posted: 10.02.2010
Updated on: 26.03.2010

Samani Charitra Pragya ji and Samani Unnata Pragya ji have undertaken a prestigious project for the benefit of the jain community in US.

The project is to establish a professorship at Florida International University at Miami, Florida. Samaniji will be providing more information on this project and how we can help to achieve this goal and become part of history in making. A brief summary of the project is attached.

Program Details:


February 27th, 2010 (Saturday)


American Legion Hall, 25 Brown Ave, Iselin, NJ-08830


2pm to 4:30pm

Please note the program begins at sharp 2pm, so please be on time.

Bhagwan Mahavir Professorship Of Jain Studies

A Historic Milestone

Establishing a perpetual professorship in Jain studies at Florida International University is a first ever initiative and a historic milestone for the Jain community. Help preserve and spread our Jain heritage through academia.


The purpose of establishing an endowed Jain professorship is to create an everlasting academic center for Jain education and research. Our specific objectives are to:

  • infuse university curriculum with courses in Jainism, relying on prominent and relevant Jain scriptures, text, and topics appropriate for undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • conduct research in Jainism, publish books, and supervise graduate research in Jainism.
  • collaborate with other universities with a view to introduce Jain content in their religious studies curriculum including sharing syllabi and hiring professors with Jain expertise.
  • develop and expand student and faculty exchange programs with noted academic institutions internationally.
  • work with North American Jain community in planning and promoting public lectures and seminars on Jain themes.


Why FIU?

  • FIU is a state university with 42,000 students, one of the largest universities in U.S. with students from global religious backgrounds.
  • FIU Religious Studies Department is one of the most distinguished in the nation, with faculty renowned at national and international levels.
  • Since 2006, FIU's undergraduate courses in Jainism and world religions have been taught by two Jain nuns (Samanijis). The courses have been well received and are growing in popularity.
  • Samanijis have taught more than 2,000 students and have been invited across the nation as guest speakers. They have organized seminars and workshops in meditation, vegetarianism and nonviolence, and brought in distinguished guest scholars to speak at FIU.
  • Community funding into the endowment will be matched at 75% by the State of Florida.

Benefits to Jain Community

  • Provide the community with access to a permanent academic center for Jain education and research.
  • Dissemination of knowledge about Jainism within the university and into the academia.
  • Establishment of an academic forum to promote similar Jain programs at universities worldwide.
  • Promotion of Jainism into North American social movements such as vegetarianism, environmentalism, anti-war, and meditation.
  • Spreading benefits of Jain teachings and values for health, spirituality, and the environment.


FIU Responsibilities

  • Continue in perpetuity the position of named professorship.
  • Conduct an international search and hire a professor who is competent in Jainism and speaks at least one Indian language.
  • Professor must specialize in religions of India and is able to expand Jain studies and offer thematic courses at graduate and undergraduate levels.
  • Provide annual reports of all activities and services under the agreement such as teaching research and programming to endowment donors.

Spiritual Guidance

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