12.11.2009 ►Two Jain Monks Killed In A Road Accident Near Nakoda

Posted: 13.11.2009
Updated on: 26.01.2010

http://www.herenow4u.net/fileadmin/v3media/pics/persons/Muni_Jambu_Vijay/Jambuvijaya_200.jpgIn a tragic incident, two Jain monks - Shree Jambu Vijay Ji Maharaj Saben and Shri Namaskar Vijay Maharaj Sabeb, walking towards Jaisalmer were mowed down by a speeding Toyota Qualis car on Nakoda-Jaisalmer road in Rajasthan.

Police sources said Monks had set out for Jaisalmer after halt in Nakoda teerth. A Toyota Quallis crushed them while they were walking on the roadside.

According to sources Shri Dharmaghosh Vijay Ji Maharaj Saheb who was also in a group of monks was injured and hospitalized in critical condition.

This is second such tragic incident in just three days. On 10 November four Jain Sadhvis were killed in a road accident on Mehsana-Unjha highway.

Majority of Jain monks never use any type of vehicle in their life. They just walk barefoot. In last some years, accidents have killed and injured dozens of Jain monks on Highway side.

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