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Published: 28.10.2009
Updated: 09.06.2015
◄All mumukshu’s sisters dressed beautifully in embroidery sari, jewellery, garland and other ornaments, are ready to garnish their life with the embroidery of nonviolence, jewellery of peace, garland of neutrality enhancing the inner spiritual beauty.
◄All mumukshu’s brothers, well dressed like a groom, are on the way to marry Princes Sanyam after the permission of their parents.
◄All colours have merged into the WHITE in Sudharma Sabha on 28 October. Newly initiated nuns & samanis with folding hands has devoted their life on the words of Mahavira when Acharya Mahapragya chants the holy mantra of Jain Bhagwati Diksha at Ladnun.
◄One of the toughest assessments of monkhood –Kesh Lochan (removal of hairs). Sadhvi Pramukha Shri Kanakprabha ji removing the hairs from the head of newly initiated nun and nun with tilted head and folded hands pleasantly crosses the tolerance examination
◄Yuvacharya Mahashraman providing symbol of Non Violence & monkhood - the Rajoharan to the new monk Muni Meru Kumar ji.
◄Yuvacharya Mahashraman removing the hairs from the head of newly initiated monk. Kesh locan is the symbolic acceptance by the pupil that he will now be in the discipline of his master.
◄Thousands of eyes with millions and billions of good wishes vibrations have witnessed the elevation of soul from the noisy materialistic world to the silent aura of spirituality along with feeling that one day will come when we too will be there on stage for initiation.

◄News in Hindi

All colours merged into white glory of non-violence and peace at Sudharma Sabha

28 October, Ladnun.

Morning of Wednesday is something special in Jain Vishwa Bharti when a cheerful silence can be seen despite of thousands of head. People from each corner of India have come to greet the 10 persons who are diverting their life from the noisy materialistic to deep contentment of self realization.

Acharya Mahapragya, architect of many spiritual personalities, chants the holy mantra of initiation and makes the new aspirants to renounce from all worldly violence affairs. Yuvacharya Mahashraman proceeds further process and told the mumukshus to beg forgiveness for all the action & reactions of past. Before the initiation, family members of all mumukshu request Acharya Mahapragya to initiate their love ones to his white force of peace.

While doing the Kesh locan ceremony, Yuvacharya Mahashraman describes that kesh locahn is the symbolic acceptance by the pupil that he will now be in the discipline of his master.

Acharya Mahapragya blessed the newly initiated monks that their new life will prove useful and beneficial for self, family and society. They should practice the control over senses and enter the inner world which is beyond the senses.

New name list:

Old Name

New Name

Saman Mudit Pragya

Muni Meru Kumar

Mumukshu Harish

Muni Him Kumar

Mumukshu Sumit

Muni Saumaya Kumar

Mumukshu Himanshu

Muni Hitendra Kumar

Mumukshu Hardik

Muni Hemant Kumar

Mumukshu Nisha

Sadhvi Nayprabha

Mumukshu Pragya

Sadhvi Pulkityasha

Mumukshu Sita

Sadhvi Sulabhyasha

Mumukshu Khyaati

Samani Kshanti Pragya

Mumukshu Sarita

Samani Suyash Pragya

English Captions:
Mahima Bokariya
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