Pujyashri Chitrabhanu ►Recovered From The Recent Open-Heart Surgery

Published: 01.10.2009
Updated: 26.01.2010

Gurudev  Chitrabhanu
Pramoda Chitrabhanu
Gurudev Chitrabhanu
Pramoda Chitrabhanu

Jai Jinendra!

I am happy to share with you the good news that Pujyashri Chitrabhanu ji has recovered from the recent open-heart surgery.

He is conveying his blessings to all who have sent him good wishes through their thoughts, words and actions.

Everyone’s wishes, prayers, meditation and thoughts have brought him feeling of health and healing. These and many unexpressed and spiritual transferences helped give him strength and resolve for future activities.

Dr. Subramanian, the surgeon, saw him after a week of surgery and said that he is doing very well. Two weeks later he saw Dr. Sumatibhai Shah, his cardiologist who took his echocardiogram, cardiogram and blood test, and he mentioned that he is doing better than expected.

I apologize for not taking all the calls during his surgery and after he came back home. But I would like to thank each and every person who took the time to call and sent their love and light for his health and speedy recovery.

I’d like also to convey my deep and heartfelt appreciation for all your kindness and thoughtfulness.

May the Loving Blessings of Bhagwan Mahavir be with you every day, in every way.

In light of Ahinsa
Pramoda Chitrabhanu

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