Social Consciousness and Jainism - Call For Papers

Published: 22.09.2009
Updated: 02.07.2015

ISJS, in association with leading universities of India and Canada, is pleased to announce organizing a series of national seminars (in ten major cities /Jain centres in India), followed by a likely international seminar (Canada) on the theme of 'Social consciousness and Jainism. These seminars will be held in the months of February-March 2010 in India. An international seminar in Canada in August 2010 is also planned.

ISJS invites papers from scholars, Jain community leaders, heads of Jain Social organizations and practitioners associated with Jain studies to send their scholarly papers on any one or more topics indicated below. These papers in English (both printed and soft copy using MS Word) can be sent to Coordinator of seminar centre nearest you with a copy to ISJS Head Office (svana[at] Papers in Hindi for presentation are also welcome. English translation of paper is essential for publication in the transactions of the seminar. Contact details of regional coordinators are given later.

1. Scholarly papers on the following subjects are sought from within the academic and non academic community:

A.        Jain doctrinal principles and their applications in social life.

  • Tirathankaras and their social reforms.
  • Ahinsa and its applications in social implementation (compassion /friendship/ forgiveness / tolerance/ equality etc (jiyo aur Jino do, parasparopragraha jivanam etc as given in Jain texts).
  • Anekanta and its applications for conflict resolution and social harmony, human rights, animal rights, organization & management etc
  • Aparigraha as a concept to enhance cooperation amongst fellow beings. Limitation of wants /consumption etc, charity and social uplift. Some associated concepts are sanyama, sanvara, dana
  • Abstinence and its role in social life. An exploration of the observance of essential duties and minor vows as prescribed for householders, their interpretation for social harmony and personal development
  • Doctrine of karma and its relationship with purposeful and socially beneficial activities. Exploration of the emphasis on duty above right, on obligation rather than grace. Concept of free will and freedom.
  • Concept of penance with special reference to food intake, modesty, service, repentance, meditation and self study etc.
  • Daily Jains prayers /contemplations etc.

B.     Contributions of Jains and Jain doctrine to activities of social, economic and cultural importance.

  • Seeds for the development of Science /technology / Mathematics / Biology / Medicine. Art, temples, literature
  • Health, education, economy, organization and management of business, governance and ecology
  • Social services such as child /destitute care / rest homes /
  • Community building and peaceful resolution of social conflicts

C.     Case studies

  • Significant institutions / individuals engaged in activities at A. (e.g. FJEI, Mahavir Vikanka, Educational societies of Maharashtra and elsewhere running several hundred schools, Shrawanbelgola; Bhamasha, Chamunda Rai, Chandragupta Maurya, Kharvela; Jain prime ministers in Jaipur dynasty, Six CMs of MP, D S Kothari, Sarabhai, Walchand etc)
  • Contributions by Jains in regions like South or specific state, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bundelkhand, Jharkhand, MP etc.)

D.    Statistical reports /presentation

  • Census figures to establish numbers and uniqueness of Jains Institutions and contributions
  • Demographic and sociological studies


2. Dates of submission

  • Synopsis (about 100 words): November 30th 2009
  • Final paper: January 15th 2010

3. Costs reimbursed to authors of papers

  • A sum of Rs 200 for mailing (courier and word processing of the papers) to all authors whose synopsis have been approved
  • Surface travel expenses for the authors invited to present their papers at the nearest centre to their place of stay.
  • A token academic fee per paper presented at a seminar as per UGC guideline

4. National and international seminars:

Each seminar Centre may choose to focus on one topic as primary and other topics as secondary. Each Centre will invite at least six papers selected for presentation. Other papers which are considered reasonably well shall be compiled also separately and the writers will be invited for informal presentations /group discussions. All papers will be sent to ISJS HQ for compilation and record.

Acceptance of papers at seminar Centre will be done by the centre's academic council in association with the national academic council to avoid duplication or too much emphasis on one theme only.

5. Seminar Centre Coordinators &contact addresses



Date (2010)





Feb 20th

Dr. Mrs Vimla Lalbhai




Feb 24th

Prof. N. Choodamani




Feb 25th

Dr. Priyadarshana Jain




Mar 8th

Prof. P.C.Jain



Devi Ahilya

Feb 18th

Prof. Anupam Jain




Feb 15th

Prof. Kusum Jain




Mar 5th

Prof. S.P.Agrawal




Feb. 22nd

Prof. M. Katarnikar




Mar 2nd

Prof. Kamlesh Jain




Feb 27th

Prof. Murli Mohan




Prof. Anne Vallely


*Date to be announced

6. Schedule

Each seminar will start at 9 AM and end at 5.30PM the same day with each paper assigned 45 to 50 minutes for presentation and discussion equally.

7. About the papers

ISJS puts lot of emphasis on the academic content of the papers as ISJS plans to publish the transactions of the seminars and an additional volume containing library and field survey reports on topics related to point C and D. We therefore expect each author to please take up a topic of social relevance and describe the same with social overtones based on textual references (metaphysical, ethical, karma and story literature of Jains). Each author selected will be provided a select audience to present his paper for 20 to 25 minutes and then lead the discussions on the same. At the end we request the author to update his /her paper if needed and submit to ISJS for inclusion in the publication of Transactions.

8.0 Academic council of the seminars

Dr Shugan C Jain

Director ISJS Chairman

Prof Anne Vallely

Univ of Ottawa

Prof Kusum Jain

Univ of Rajasthan

Prof K.C.Sogani

Director JVS Jaipiur

Prof R.K.Jain


Prof P.C.Jain


Prof M.Katarnikar

Mumbai University

Prof. Kamlesh Jain

Head Jain & Buddhism BHU

Prof Anupam Jain

Devi Ahilya

Prof R.P.Jain ex.

Muenster Univ Germany

Prof Priya Jain

Univ of Madras

Prof Murli Mohan

A. Nagaraja

Prof Kamla Jain ex.

Delhi University

Dr Geeta Mehta

Somaiya Vidhya Vihar

Prof N.Choodamani

Dean Jain University

9.0 About ISJS

International School for Jain Studies was set up in 2005 to take the academic studies of Jainism to the universities of North America primarily. Since its inception, ISJS has organised five annual two months long residential summer schools attended by 123 scholars from 18 universities of eight countries so far. Last year a dedicated three weeks program was also organized at Mahidol University Bangkok and attended by 17 scholars. In 2010, four schools including one at Bangkok have already been announced and more are likely. ISJS has strong relationships with reputed universities of North America, Asia and India. For more details please visit

During the five years of its existence and interactions with the attending scholars, it was felt that Jainism is projected as an ascetic based religion only. It is very difficult to practice Jain way of life in 21st century. We the organizers are of the firm opinion that Jainism, with its four fold organization of followers, provides a very positive, meaningful and practical approach for Jains to live a peaceful, happy, prosperous and socially sensitive and involved community. In fact our survey wholly justifies this belief. The present seminars is a humble attempt by ISJS to organize discussions and present to the world the social consciousness and applications as indicated in Jain texts and practiced by Jains through ages.

10. Your Response

Kindly send your interest by email preferably in the following format to the coordinator of centre nearest to your place of stay and copy to svana[at]

    1. Name, title and contact details
    2. Academic qualifications:
    3. Present occupation:
    4. Topic for your paper:
    5. Category: A/B/B/D
    6. Title of your paper
    7. Synopsis of your paper
    8. Facilities needed for presentation

11. Your Centre and its Coordinator

Prof. Kusum Jain
CAS Rajasthan University
Mrs. Shivani Bothra
C-115, Sri Ram Marg
Shyam Nagar, Jaipur 302019
Email: shivanibothra[at] Tel: 09251648812
Prof. K.C. Sogani JVS

Dr Shugan C Jain: ISJS
D28 Panchsheel Enclave New Delhi 110017
Tel: 011 26491228, 9818139000
Email: svana[at]


ISJS must have your permission to include your article in its transactions of the seminar in a book form at the end.

Mrs. Shivani Bothra
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