Welcome of Samanijis and Mumukshus & Launch of Various Jain Texts at JVB London

Posted: 02.09.2009
Updated on: 29.11.2012


Samani Prasanna Pragya

Samani Rohit Pragya


On 26 Aug. 09 Jain Vishva Bharati London Centre held the welcome event of Samanijis and Mumukshu sisters, who came to celebrate great Jain festival Paryushan at various cities of the UK.

Welcome programme was started with the recitation of Namaskar Mahamantra by the Samanijis. Samani Ratna Pragya sang a devotional song. Shree Balvant Maru, president of JVB London welcomed the Samanijis, guests and the audience. Samani Rohit Pragya introduced Samanijis and Mumukshus and welcomed them at JVB. Mumukshu sisters introduced Parmarthik Shikshan Sanstha (Training School for Mumukshus) by power point presentation.

The second part of event was to launch some important texts. A Dictionary of Jain terminology, giving the definition of thousands of Jain technical terms was launched by Dr. Natubhai Shah. Jain scriptures - ‘Bhagavati -2’ and ‘Samaysar’ were launched by Praveenbhai Mehta and Mehoolbhai Sanghrajaka. Hindi version of Jain Dictionary was launched by Prembhai Jain. On that occasion ‘Enrich your life through practice of Non-Violence’, an accompanied booklet, explaining the practical elements of the course of training in non-violence was also launched. It was launched by the sponsor of booklet Rajeev Shah.

Keynote speaker Prof. Peter Flügel, who is known for his contribution to Jainism shared his views. He appreciated Acharya Mahapragya’s writing and his great contribution as Jain Dictionary and other scriptures to scholars. Samanijis and Mumukshu sisters presented an interesting skit ‘Ladnun Eye’ through Puppet show. People praised entertaining performance of Samanijis by saying OM ARHAM. Samani Ramaniya Pragya read the message sent by Acharya Mahapragya to Samani Prasanna Pragya and Rohit Pragya. Samani Him Pragya presented that message to Samani Prasanna Pragya. Samani Prasanna Pragya and Rohit Pragya paid their gratitude towards Acharyashree for providing them guidance as well as a new direction to work more and spread Jain principles among Jains, non-Jains and especially British people.

Samani Him Pragya expressed her experience of London trip. Samani Prasanna Pragya welcomed all Samanijis and Mumukshus and explained the trinity of right faith, right knowledge and right conduct. Shree Manick Chorariya, secretary of Jain Vishva Bharati paid thanks to all guests and audience. Event was successfully closed with recitation of Mangalpath by Samanijis.



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