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Posted: 31.08.2009
Updated on: 09.06.2015

A Series of lecture on Jain Philosophy is being organized under the guidance of Muni Shri Vinay kumar ‘Alok’.

Jaipur, August 31, 2009

Life of Mahavira is the example of non-attachment

- Muni Shri Vinay Kumar ‘Alok’

Giving the spiritual guidance during the series of lecture on Jain Philosophy, Muni Vinay Kumar ji said that Mahavira’s life is the ideal example to live in neutrality. He himself led neutral life and preaches not to fix with material and perform duties & responsibilities as a nanny who takes care of a child properly without attachment as child is not her blood but her duty. Dr. Siddharj Bhandari, the chief speaker of subject stressed to add the efforts with the unattached consciousness. Many scholars have participated in this series.

Schedule of programme to be held at Anuvibha

  • 1 September 2009
    Yuvacharya selection day & 100th birth Anniversary of Acharya Dalgani.
  • 2 September 2009
    Acharya Bhikshu’s 207 death anniversary
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