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Posted: 30.08.2009
Updated on: 29.11.2012


30th August’ 09: Shri Jain Svetambar Terapanth Sabha, Raipur organized “Sneh Milan” i.e. a celebration programme aimed at “swadharmi vatsalya” - a kind of social gathering at Amolak Bhavan, Raipur.


The programme started with the blessings of Samani Nirdesika Bhavit Pragya ji. In his address, he emphasized that celebrations bring the required communal harmony among the society and help in developing the organizations. She said education is not just what is taught in school. True education is what a child learns from its parents, family and surroundings. The upbringing of the child is more dependent on the mother rather than the teacher. The mother has a responsible role in the education of her child. Women have a natural ability to train children as compared to men. The mother is child’s first guru. She is naturally equipped for the role of bring up a child. Her heart is full of love and gentleness for the child. Thus various qualities are cultivated in child and through unconscious imitation, behavior and conduct the child learns a lot. A woman has the ability to win a child’s heart if she treats the child as her own. A childhood with the right type of training and guidance would normally create an invaluable asset for the family and decent citizen for society. 


Samani Vipul Pragya ji said that the most precious period of life is a person’s youth. The youth of a country are its future citizens. The period of youth is extremely important and is the time for laying down the foundation of a person character, personality and behavior. The education environment influences child’s personality. Education is the tool, which effectively moulds and equips the students of today for the tasks of tomorrow. There are people who are highly educated but they don’t have the patience and the power to maintain a mental equilibrium. At present time modern education lays emphasis on the two dimensions namely physical and intellectual and other two dimension mental and emotional considerations are neglected. Looking to deficiency in modern education system His Holiness Gurudev Tulsi and Acharya Mahapragya conceived a system called the science of living. It is a training course based on scientific principles. It comprises of various branches of leaning drawn from modern science as well as ancient sciences. This education system develops all dimensions of being and particularly those aspects, which gave them qualities of leadership, noble virtues and right thinking.


Glimpse of Photo frame presented to Sabha


Group of Chartered Accountants taking blessing from Samani Nidesika Bhavit Pragyaji

Shri N. C. Jain, President, Shri Jain Svetambar Terapanth Sabha, Raipur has given photo frame of Navakar Mantra. On this occasion a delegation of Chartered Accountants has taken the blessing of Samani Bhavit Pragyaji.

The programme was followed by “swadharmi vatsalya”.

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