Paryushan - Maitri Diwas

Published: 28.08.2009
Updated: 29.11.2012



The last day of the paryushan at the end of the Samvatsari was celebrated as Maitri Divas. The programme started at 6.15 A.M. Hundreds of lay followers were present. Those having done Poushadh were present after doing their pratikraman in the morning. Most reached from their home from whole of the Raipur.

The programme was compered by Samani Vipul Pragyaji.

On the eve of ‘KHAMATKHAMNA’ Samani Nidesika Bhavit Pragyaji said that Kashama means forgiveness. It is natural attribute of the soul. For example, just as water is cool by nature, the soul is forgiving by nature. As a result of the effect of heat water becomes hot but again gradually it becomes cool. Similarly because of some external provocation the soul becomes angry but gradually it becomes peaceful again. Even if anyone instigate you to any extent, one should not try to become excited from within or do action from outside. This is forgiveness. Kshama includes unlimited affection. It is the first virtue of religion. Jainism regards that there are no room for barbaric behavior.

Forgiveness show marginality of the mind and purity of the soul. Revenge is nothing more than weakness of the body, mind and emotion. Ignorant and narrow minded people are generally found to be unforgiving and intolerant, while people of generous nature are the most forgiving and tolerant.

Lord Mahavira said “ uvasamena hane koham” which means conquer through forgiveness. We usually find our own temperament, which reflects in the disposition of those around us. If we are unforgiving and intolerant to others, they will portray the same in return. Only the great and strong soul bestows love. Real bravery is to forgive others. Tirthankars are known as “Khamasura tithayara” that means inspite of have unlimited powers they tolerate all types of mischievous behaviors, insults, adverse situations inflicted by others. Milk is always pure, sweet and natural, whether it is heated, transformed or churned. Even then also it gives butter. Similarly the great soul do the same.

The formula for forgiveness is that one most weigh the pros and cons of the cause of anger. If one realizes the reason for existence and non existence of anger, their resistance power will be much greater.

The religion forgiveness emphasize give and seek forgiveness heartily. To ask for forgiveness from all human beings who in their past or present life may have suffered because of us. We have to forgive those who have hurt us and to forgive their shortcomings and weaknesses. Forgiveness has a capability to create the bond of love among the countless hearts. Jainism preaches ”I grant forgiveness to all human beings and all human beings should grant me forgiveness. My friendship is with all human beings. My enmity is totally non existent.”

Samani Vipul Pragyaji said “Forgiveness is a virtue and it is the first step towards eternal happiness. ‘KHAMAT KHAMNA’, the virtue of forgiving & being forgiven, manifests itself truly when there is toleration. One who practices forgiveness is always tolerant. As a result of forgiveness one’s mind, speech and body merge into one whole, a unity. The purity of thought, speech & action is its culmination.
Samani Bhavit Pragyaji along with Samani Vipul Pragyaji completed the process of Khamat Khamana beginning with Gurudev Acharya Shree Mahapragyaji to the lay followers in Raipur.

The President and Secretary of Raipur Sabha Sri N. C. Jain and Sri Uttam Chand Gandhi, Sri Umesh Pokarna (President, TEYUP-Raipur) and Smt. Lalita Dhariwal (President of Ladies wing - Raipur), Smt. Ritu Jain, HN4U Correspondent asked everybody to forgive them for any mistakes committed knowingly or unknowingly by them in course of their work as office bearers of various sanghiya institutions and by them in person as well. The programme ended with mangal path from Samani Nidesika Bhavit Pragya ji.


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