PARYUSHAN-2009: DAY FOUR – ‘VAANI SANYAM DIWAS’ (Speech Restraint Day)

Published: 22.08.2009
Updated: 30.07.2015


Restraint Of Speech Is Gateway To Spirituality

- Sadhvi Kanak shri

20.08.2009 - On the occasion of the fourth day of Paryushan Mahaparv celebrated at Kolkata Mahasabha Bhawan, organized by Shree Jain Swetamber Terapanthi Sabha, Kolkata as VAANI SANYAM DIWAS (Speech Restraint Day), addressing the gathering of thousands of shrawaks and shravikas Sadhvi Kanak shri ji said - “Man has always cherished the dream of attaining the state of arogya (health), bodhi (enlightment) & Samadhi (bliss). Speech, the blissful gifted mode for expressions, is internally connected with these. Words are barrier for contact to supreme spirit. Without getting silent contact with consciousness beyond words is not possible. So in devotion period Lord Mahavira maintained silence for long time.

She further said-“Mahatma Buddha & many great persona first practiced silence and then gave instructions in spiritual matters. From this it is clear that silence is the main door of spiritual upliftment. She said before righteous use of speech and voice, purity of feeling (Bhav Parishkar) is a must, because ill and impure feelings make speech also worthless. Like silence, prudence of language and control over speech is also necessary. Silence helps in acquiring knowledge, purity of mind and concentration will follow. All these results in addition of values and virtues and a person gains true wealth.From the prudent of voice, quarrel, tensions and problems fade away. Great persona’s voice is effective because that voice is true, soft, defined and excellent. ”

Speaking on the usefulness of silence and communication, Sadhvi Madhulata ji said –“before communicating to anybody we must think what we have to speak, why, in which limit and how we should speak, so as to make the communication effective peacefully. Speaking is also an art, which few who practice honestly can excel and which if developed, adds value to ones personality. The emotions (Bhav) influence the language to a great extent. Vibrations of sound are linked to our health. Regular practice of Mahapran Sound (humming Sound) helps a lot in correcting emotions. Language/Speaking has both its uses and abuses. One can solve a great problem using balanced and calculated language with controlled emotions, where as others can create a problem with its abuse. She further said, barring exceptions try not to speak unless one asks and when asked never tell a lie. One, who speaks truth, is generally found to be honest. Such people get honour from society too. Keep silent at the time of excitement and anger; speak little to be effective. Tolerate the sweet and sour (bad) statement of others. Some one may keep mum but his mind may speak much to cause more damage to others. So Mauna Brata (austerity to keep mum) should be practiced mentally as well as physically. This is great mantra of peace. Sadhvi shri quoted Yuvacharya Mahashramanji’s words-“restraint in useless speaking is the greatest Mauna (keeping mum)”

The regular evening Pratikraman was attended by over 500 lay followers. The Jain Karyavahini members participated in the uninterrupted Namokar Mantra chanting in the night.The previous day whole night jap was also joined by Uttar Madhya Kolkata Sabha, Uttarpara, Hindmotor and also Rishra Sabha.

In the evening a singing competition-‘Geet Gayan Pratiyogita’- on spiritual and religious songs was organized by Purvanchal Sabha, in which more than 50 singers took part. The winners were given prizes.The Honourable judges Sri Banechand Maloo (Former Chief ttrustee - Jai Tulsi Foundation) and Sri Ratan Dugar (Former President - Akhil Bhartiya Terapanth Yuvak Parishad) were honored by literary mementoes. Lay followers from all over the greater Kolkata from Rishra to Dumdum area took active participation in the programme through out the day

The Kolkata Sabha team, guided by all the past presidents and headed by Sri Karan Singh Nahata (president), Sri Narendra Kumar Manot (Secretary), Sri Rajendra Pugalia (Vice-President), Sri Rajendra Nahata (Joint-Secretary), Sri Mahal Chand Bhansali (Immediate Past President), Sri Mahendra Dudhoria and all other active members, was looking after the Paryushan Mahaparv arrangements to enable the lay followers to celebrate the Samvatsari in an effective manner at Mahasabha Bhawan. Sri Binod Kumar Choraria (General Secretary Mahasabha) and Sri Chainroop Chindalia (Chief Trustee- Mahasabha) were ever encouraging the Kolkata Sabha team in facilitating the arrangement at Mahasabha Bhawan.

Sushil Choraria
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