Samani Malay Pragyaji In Bishnupur (Bankura)

Posted: 16.08.2009
Updated on: 02.07.2015

Samani Malay Pragya ji, Samani Sanchit Pragya ji, Samani Vinamra Pragya ji, Samani Prasham Pragya arrived at Vishnupur (Bankura), West Bengal after successful stay in Kolaghat and Kharagpur towns. A place where about 13 Terapanthi families reside was devoid of any Terapanthi saint’s visit. About 42 years back, Muni Subhkaran ji and Muni Sangit Kumar ji had come in Purulia District, on way to Ranchi. With the arrival of Samaniji, great enthusiasm was seen among the lay followers of the area. This was the first occasion wherein Samniji had arrived at Vishnupur. Samanijis were welcomed to Boltalla with a grand procession, songs and slogans. The excitement of the residents was exceptional.


On the welcome function of Samaniji organized by the members of Terapanthi Sabha, Visdhnupur, Samaniji said - To welcome saints is to welcome continence and austerity. Saints are symbols of integrity, and the state of self-mortification. They are pious like flowing water and preach the masses to keep the mirror of their mind also clean.


This approximate 15-day long stay was very influential.Samaniji gave discourses on various subjects, contributions of terapanth, Acharya Bhikshu, Acharya Mahaprajna propagating the message of Lord Mahavira. In the filed of Anuvrata, Preksha Meditation, Science of Living, Ahimsa Samway etc. Samaniji also discussed various Doctrines of Jainism viz. Anekanta, Relativity, Atmakartritwavad, process of observing rituals for a terapanth lay follower. Various programmes were organized in the vishnupur town during the stay. Vishnupur is a place of tourist attraction. This town is highlighted by several Jain Museums and temples. This town is situated at a distance of 160 km from Kolkata. The native name of this town is Gupt Vrindavan.


Samani Nirdeshika Malay Pragya ji, in her spiritural speech expressed the importance of reducing Anger, Pride, Deceit and Greed - the four kashayas, which makes the soul impure.

Samaniji elaborated the importance of ahimsa, sanyam and Tap which are the three main guiding a soul to move towards the almighty.

On the occasion Samani Sanchit Pragya ji, Samani Vinamra Pragya ji, Samani Prasham Pragya ji took various classes of children eligible for Gyasnshalas with interesting examples in scientific manner. Various experiments of Meditation, pranayam, ways to enhance memory, importance of various vandana regularly done by jains were also taught.


Yuvak Ratna Sri Gautam Choraria, eminent judge and a devout lay follower also came to Vishnupur with his family. Samani ji said - Sri Choraria is a person of high thinking and simple living. Even though he is in government service, he is very much following the rituals of a Jain shrawak without any problem. Such noble persons are pillars of the Terapanth Sangh. Sri Choraria gave useful tips to the audience in making their life purposeful by becoming religious in true sense.

Presence of more than 50 lay followers including those of the nearby areas in Programme made the Programme praiseworthy.


In the Programme wherein representatives of prajapati Brahmakumaris were also present Samani Malay Pragyaji addressing the gathering said- ‘Acharya Mahapragya is a Jain saint and head of Terapanth Sect. of Jain. He is the inventor of Preksha Meditation with non-stop experiments which is a noble mixture of Science & Spirituality. He is a Yug Purush of this era. With his multifarious personality he has contributed a lot in the field of Education, Humanity, Religion and Society by engraving permanent images in minds of people coming across. Acharya Mahaprajnaji is a great scientific saint. His message to the common person is that the life should be made a laboratory of religion and spirituality to understand the mysteries of life and awaken the power lying with oneself. By following his teachings and the avenues like- Preksha Meditation, Science of Living, Anuvaratas one can ill laminate one’s own personality by all dimensions”.

'The local committee thanked Samaniji for coming to Vishnupur. All the members played an important role in making the Programme a success.The effort of Sri Dilip Baid (Jain) and Sri Jay Surana (Jain) was praiseworthy.
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