Scientific Vision Of Lord Mahāvīra ► [06] Biological Issues In The Bh.S ► The Concept Of Soul-units (Ātma-pradeśa)

Posted: 27.08.2009

The Bh.S mentions something more as the characteristic of the living beings. Accordingly, living entity is said to contain innumerable soul-units.[80] If all the soul-units spread, they can occupy the whole cosmos. But as far the Jain view is concerned, it, unlike the Nyaya-Vaisesika philosophy, agrees with the concept that soul spreads in limit i.e. the body, it occupies. Our experience also proves that a soul lives in the body it occupies. According to Jain view even emancipated souls occupy limited space-units as we have seen in the third chapter. On the other hand, other philosophies keep different views regarding the expansion of the soul. So it is natural to ask what is the size of the soul actually? Is it cosmic or limited? Secondly, if the soul limits itself upto the body it occupies; the next question arises what is the relation between both of them. Philosophically and psychologically these questions have been discussed widely. The resulting answers are not unanimous. The Bh.S also deals with these questions in its way under the following discussions.

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