Scientific Vision Of Lord Mahāvīra ► [06] Biological Issues In The Bh.S ► Biological Characteristics Of Soul

Posted: 20.08.2009

The liberated being has no connection with body, speech, and mind. It is only pure and perfect consciousness. In mundane form, it associates with all these.[33] Therefore; some characteristics, which are the outcome of the soul associated with physical substance, are discussed in some detail here. From the biological point of view they are of paramount importance. Three of them are related to the physical aspect and one is related to the mental aspect. The mental aspect implies (i) Upayoga or functional consciousness and it involves volitional activities, the manifest symptoms of consciousness or upayoga. The physical aspects include—(ii) Bio-energy or prāṇas (iii) Biopotentials or Paryāptis and (iv) Instincts or saṁjñās.

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