Scientific Vision Of Lord Mahāvīra ► [05] Theory Of Atom ► Types Of Motion Of Atom

Posted: 06.08.2009

According to the Jain view, the motion of atom in space is not arbitrary. It also follows some rules. There are two types of motion-motion without change of direction (anuśreṇī) and motion with change of direction (viśreṇī).[50]

Anuśreṇī motion, according to J.S. Zavery and Muni Mahendra Kumar,[51] literally means straight line but it really means the minimum distance between the two space-points. If the geometry of the cosmic-space is Euclidian, then it will be a straight line, but if this geometry is non-Euclidian as asserted by General Theory of Relativity, then the minimum distance may be a curved line. Since the space of cosmos is accepted to close upon itself, the latter alternative is a greater possibility. According to the rules and propagation of radiation in space, light also travels in a straight line if it is free from the influence of external forces. But because the modern cosmology accepts the geometry of the space as non-Euclidian i.e. it closes upon itself), the path of light also will be curved. Motion of an atom under the influence of external forces may also be in viśreṇī i.e. with change of direction. But if the time of motion is one time-point only, the motion is always in anuśreṇī.[52]

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