ISSJS 2009 One Month Program June 24th At Dadabari New Delhi

Published: 25.07.2009
Updated: 02.07.2015

ISSJS 2009 One Month Program June 24th At Dadabari New Delhi

All the eleven participants to the one month program completed their studies at Parasnath Vidhyapeeth Varanasi. Stay at Paransnath Vidhyapeeth was fairly comfortable and lecture schedule was very well received. The participants visited the Jain temples and participated in the Snatra puja. Afterwards they were offered a jain breakfast at the temple. The participants also visited ghats at Ganga and the various Hindu and Buddhist temples of importance at Varanasi.  They returned to Delhi on June 21st 2009. At Delhi, there were 4 more lectures on Sallekhana, Schism and a lively questions and answers session. The participants stayed at Chhoti Dadabari where the lectures were also arranged. On June 23rd, a certificate distribution for the participants who completed their studies was organized where Ms. Chris Delauwer was presented the certificate by the director ISJS, Chris then presented the certificate to Sarah Hadmack who in turn presented the certificates to the remaining participants. Dr. Chizuko T. Allen from Hawaii left a day earlier and was presented the certificate prior to her departure. Overall the experience for the participants and the ISJS management was very rewarding. 


ISSJS 2009 Two Months program at Hastinapur

All the eleven participants spent over ten days at Parasnath Vidhyapeeth (from June 28th to July 11th) after their prolonged stay of over 17 days at Jaipur (June 10th- June 27th). Jaipur stay is marked for lectures by leading Jain scholars like Profs Sogani, Kusum Jain, Bhargava and others on various metaphysical aspects and ethics in Jainism.

The participants accompanied by the director ISJS left Jaipur on June 28th by train to Varanasi. The train journey, though a bit stretched, was marked by the increased fellowship amongst the participants who were seen enjoying each other’s company.

Varanasi stay was marked by a series of lectures by Prof. Anne Vallely, who first presented her thesis on Jainism and nature. This lecture was organized by inviting local scholars(30) to attend also so that Parasnath Vidhyapeeth becomes a known centre of Jain studies as well as allow the participants of ISJS to interact with them. The participants were then taken to a Jain temple where the festival of Ashtanika was being celebrated. This visit highlighted the manner in which group pujas with all gaiety, monks and music was an excellent experience for all to see how Jains celebrate their festivals. After lectures by Prof. Priya Jain and Bhag Chandji, the participants embarked on their one week long research project. Some of them sent their research findings by stipulated date of July 12th while the others presented them later. The participants, on their own, enjoyed visiting ghats, Sarnath and other places of interest for Hindus, Buddhists and Jains also.

All the participants (11) returned to Delhi for a couple of days for completing the academic lectures schedule before leaving for the last three days stay at Hastinapur. Hastinapur is an important Jain centre known for the four auspicious events of three tirathankars as well as for the first food taken by Adinath, the first tirathankar and the day is celebrated as Aksay tritya. It is a temple town with large temple complexes of all sects of Jains. Jambudweep, where the school was held, is known for its research of jain cosmology and the most revered Jain nun Gyan Mati ji. At Hastinapur, the participants attended two lectures and then spent two days presenting their own research conducted in Varanasi. Some of the presentations were indeed the seeds for further research. The paper on charity in Jainism by Sean Bevis was adjudged as the best paper while the paper on fasting in Jainism by Siwaphon from Bangkok was adjudged as the second best paper. All the participants enjoyed the puja, visiting temples and the village/holy place ambiance of Hastinapur. Of course menace of the minions at Hastinapur was a different story. The school ended on July 17th with certificates of participation awarded by Pujya Gyan Mati mataji along with her blessings and direction for further work by the participants. The participants returned to Delhi on July 18th from where they returned home.


Delegation from Colorado State Univ USA visits ISJS

Fourteen scholars and teaching staff lead by Assoc Prof. from the university of Colorado came for a briefing on Jainism and ISJS on July 14th. The director welcomed the delegation and spent two hours briefing them on Jainism as one of the most ancient religions of India and its special characteristics as well as ISSJS movement. All the participants appeared to be very keen participants and showed tremendous interest in both Jainism and ISJS. They were presented with ISJS brochures. This group has come to India on a study tour of Indian religions under the auspices of AIIS. 


ISSJS signs co-operation with many institutions in India.

This year ISJS has received wide acclaim due to its management of the three schools as well as the lectures organized for general academia and community by Prof P.S.Jaini. As a result ISJS has entered into co-operation with the following reputed institutions in India

Trilok Shodh Sansthan Hastinapur, the owner and management entity of the Jambu Dweep Hastinapur. They have agreed to provide all the facilities to future ISSJSs and other activities of ISJS. Director ISJS has been nominated as one of the directors of the institute also. For details please visit www.

Somaiya Vidhya Vihar Mumbai. This institute has a very large complex in Mumbai with over 27 colleges and over 28000 students enrolled. The colleges are all affiliated to Mumbai University. They are signing an agreement with ISJS to provide their world class lodging-boarding and classroom facilities for future ISSJS and work together with ISJS in offering programs globally in Philosophy and religions of India.

Advanced level discussions are going on with University of Madras and Rajasthan for similar arrangements.

ISJS has already signed a management agreement with Parshwanath Vidhyapeeth for enhancing their research capabilities as well as host future ISSJSs.

Now ISJS has a pan India coverage to offer its services as per the specific needs of international scholars and to offer more services in India and globally.

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