Exploring The Internal World – 8 Days Preksha Meditation Camp (4)

Published: 09.07.2009
Updated: 30.07.2015

After the interactive class, next scheduled class was of Contemplation (Anupreksha) which was taken by Samani Shraddha Pragya. First day it was taken by Samani Satya Pragya who explained the basic concepts of Preksha Meditation and utility of Contemplation in daily life. After that we had done the experiment of contemplation for fear & tolerance under the guidance of Samani Shraddha Pragya. We learn that contemplation is done to strengthen the positive qualities and to shed off the negative ones to develop a holistic personality. This practical class ends at 3:30 pm which was followed with a snack break of 30 minutes. During the snack break we were served sweet lime water and tea with two varieties of biscuits.


After break, there was another interesting theory class on Preksha Meditation and its element. In this class we came across the spiritual and scientific bases of each of the 8 element of Preksha Meditation. Bhagwan Mahavira has said “NaaNassa saarmaayaarao (Right conduct is essence of Right Knowledge).If anybody acts without the full knowledge, this can become unsafe for him and also he will never be able to achieve his aim. Hence Bhagwan Mahavira has laid great emphasis on learning before acting. This class prepares our base to go deep in meditation after learning the basic concept, process and the motto of each element of Preksha Meditation. Also this has helped to identify which meditation is suitable for me as nature of body is different for every person. Samani Vishad Pragya ji and Samani Malli Pragya ji were our teacher who has explain the subject in very simple understandable manner. I like to highlight one quote that Samani Malli Pragya ji had used many times when we asked her how to manage time for these activities in daily routine. Quote is “Dekhat Dekhat itna Dekh, Mit Jaye Dvet, rah jaye Advet” (See with such deep concentration that all duality get vanished and only one truth finally remains).


Few conclusive learnings of this class are as follows

  1. Preksha Meditation in one word = Ever Awareness
  2. Awareness =   Soul - (minus)  Feeling of Attachment & Hatred
  3. Aim of Kayotsarg = Shedding of “Me” & “Mine” feeling.
  4. Breath is the very comfortable base for starting meditation as it is natural and connects inner and outer world.

We also had a tentative time table for these activities to be done at home from Samani Malli Pragya ji on the last day of camp.

After this class we had a break of one and half hour for completing the evening activities including the dinner.

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