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Posted: 14.05.2009
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Indian’s don’t have much understanding of Indian Culture


Ladnun 14 May 2009

Acharya Mahapragya a renounced saint said that Indian culture attracts people from abroad but Indians are not understanding this mystery, they are going on adopting western culture at the cost Salvatore (solution based) Indian culture.

The call of the day is to familiarizes Indians with Indian culture, which products a new turn in the society (nation) Addressing the representatives of electronic media Acharya Mahapragya said that foreigners find their solutions in Indian culture and Jain philosophy that’s why they are coming to be a Jain monks. Nothing can be obstructed by force. When Indian people see this solution then only the importance of this culture will be increased.

When asked that what is cause which attracts devotees from farthest places, Acharya Mahapragya responded that boundaries lies in physical world, spiritual world does not have any boundary, it is infinite. Here one is made to realize, human soilidarity, unity among all creatures and above all the unity of all souls. This is the only thing that attracts all to this place.

Acharya Shree Mahapragya said Indian culture is rich in self-knowledge and self-restraint, indicating a Russian boy who want to be initiated, said Acharya Mahaprajna that when the internal consciousness awakes only then one can sustain such a heat of summer inspite of being a resident of cool place and does foot journeys, the media was also addressed by Muni Jayant Kumar.


Ladnun 14 May 2009

Nowadays Tulsi art gallery situated in Jain Vishva Bharati, being decorated by paintings depicting life histories of Lord Rishab, Lord Parshwa and Lord Mahavira, different handmade utensil made out of coconut shells handmade paintings as your do so you get’ is turning to the centre of attraction for Indians as well as foreigners.

Besides getting the blessings of renounced saint Acharya Mahapragya and to get the training in Preksha Meditation, the beauty of Tulsi art gallery attracts visitors from foreign continents. A group of Russia could not stop themselves saying ‘wonderful’ when they went thorough the gallery. Each and every traveler who visit here just cry out in amazement that why didn’t we come here before?

Highlighting the attractive points of Tulsi art gallery Muni Jayant Kumar expressed that the palm leaves of 11th Century, the manuscripts of 16th century, the whole Bhagwat Geeta written on single utensil, the fearful paintings of the hell and various life sketches of Mahaveer and others are the attracting people specially. Children get hanged on the counter of intelligence tests, This counter has many handmade puzzles where they have to find out hidden idols. He said that this art gallery is the union of Jain philosophy, Jain history and Jain art which is the combinations of Indina culture, human solidarity and modern art.

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