ISSJS 2009 Bangkok

Published: 12.05.2009
Updated: 02.07.2015

ISSJS 2009 Bangkok was organized by Mahidol University (leading multidisciplinary national university of Thailand with beautiful and modern campus) in association with Digambar Jain Federation (DJF)Bangkok and ISJS India.

The inauguration program was attended by the entire class of 17 registered participants and twenty community leaders and university faculty. The program was inaugurated by H.E. Mrs Latha Reddy, Indian ambassador to Thailand. It was a very well organized program. DJF also organized an exhibition of important Jain temples in the world, which was also inaugurated by the ambassador. The function ended with light refreshments to all attendees. After the program an orientation program for the participants was organized and conducted by Dr. Shugan Jain in which a Help book was given to each student along with a CD containing Study notes Version 3.0 and Key to Tattvarathasutra. Jain path of Purification was also given to each participant.

Daily academic lectures were delivered by eminent Jain scholars from India; Dr. K.C. Sogani (Jaipur), Dr. Kusum Jain(Dean at Rajasthan University), Dr. Priya Jain (Madras University), Prof. Bhagchandra Jain(Prakrit Institute) and Dr. Shugan Jain (Director ISSJS, India)

Visits to Shwetambar & Digambar Jain temples in Bangkok were organized on Sundays in which detailed description, observation and even participation in Jain rituals by some scholars made the visit a very enriching and rewarding practical experience. This was followed by a sumptuous brunch by DJF for all participants.

All the lectures were highly interactive including group discussions by participants. All the seventeen participants attended the programs completely with others coming off and on depending on their interest. Participants are a mix of students and faculty members (6). A very senior philosophy scholar (Dr Savior, an advisor to UNO and a number of MNCs) is also attending the program on full time basis. Three Jain business men and women also attended the program completely besides the university students and faculty. At the end of the fortnight all the participants were requested to give their comments and suggestions for improvements which were very valuable and showed complete satisfaction by the attending participants.

Overall a feeling is generated that this program is the beginning of an annual ISJS class regularly. More than half the class wishes to attend the two months program in India also and others a similar program in Bangkok next year. Dr Savior, the Spanish scholar wishes to come to India for the two months program and a stay later at PV Varanasi for experiencing the Jainism tradition in more details. A detailed meeting with the Dean and Senior Professors of Assumption university (Dean Sriwarakuel and Director international affairs Glen Chatelier and senior professors) was held with a view to enhance cooperation between ISJS and their Institution. Similar meeting with Mr Prasong, an ISJS alumni and a lecturer at Rahmbeg University was held to review cooperation. By all accounts ISJS has been fully established in Bangk0ok with very exciting activities already being planned.

ISJS thanks the organizers of ISSJS2009 Bangkok i.e. DJF (Mr Pramod Jain and Mr Atul Shah particularly and the entire council of ISJS Bangkok and DJF), Mahidol university, especially Prof Sophana Srichampa for their special efforts and hard work to make this program a grand success so far. ISJS alumni Mr Prasong and Nomian have also worked very hard to make this program a reality. Special thanks go to Shri Nirmal K. Sethi president of Shri Bharatvarshiya Digambar Jain Mahasabha for financially sponsoring the visit of all the five faculty members of ISJS. In all four faculty members (Prof Kusum Jain, Prof Sogani, Prof Priya Jain and Prof Bhag Chand Jain) along with Dr Shugan Jain formed the faculty who delivered or will deliver a total of 55 lectures of 1.5 hours each covering all aspects of Jain history, philosophy, culture and way of life. ISJS chapter was also inaugurated with Mr Pramod Jain as its chairman. The chapter members requested director ISJS to significantly increase ISJS activities in Bangkok. The current program is a joint offering by Mahidol University and ISJS and a certificate of participation will be given to all participants by both institutions combined. The candidate selected as best performer in ISSJS 2009 Bangkok will be offered a trip to India to attend the lectures by Prof Jaini and participate in the pilgrimage.

Dr. Sulekh C. Jain
Houston, Texas, USA
281 494 7656 (home)
832 594 8005 (cell)
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