ISSJS 2009, Progress & Status Report

Posted: 11.05.2009
Updated on: 02.07.2015

Friends, five years ago, from a very modest start, we are now on a roll. Let me share with you a few highlights of ISSJS 2009.

  1. This year, ISSJS 2009 is bigger, better, broader and truly international.

  2.  ISSJS has now expanded to three Stand Alone programs; One month long ISSJS in Thailand (at Mahidol University, in Bangkok) which  started  on 23 April, 2009, One month long ISSJS in India which will start on 23rd May, 2009 and Two Month Long ISSJS in India which will start on June 1st, 2009.

  3.  The total enrollment in the three programs is 45 scholars; 17 in Thailand, 13 in ISSJS One month program in India and 15 in ISSJS Two month program in India.

  4. This year, we have scholars from 6 countries (USA, Canada, U.K, Belgium, Spain  and Thailand) representing 23 Universities of the world.   For the first time we will have 4 scholars  (from SOAS and others)) from Europe participate in ISSJS program.

  5. ISSJS 2009 Class will consist of, 10 full time teaching faculties, 6 PhDs, 4 Grad Students and rest Undergrads. This also includes 2 distinguished Professors attending ISSJS 2009 program.

  6. Prof. Padmanabh Jaini, Prof. Emeritus at University of California, Berkeley, California will be teaching ISSJS 2009 for 8 full days in India. In addition, he will deliver Public Lectures at Jaipur and Mumbai as well.

  7. Parshwanath Vidya Peeth; PV (in Varanasi) is being revived and upgraded right now to open as a year round study cum residential  ISJS –PV Global Center for Ahimsa & Indology Research in Varanasi, India.  PV is a 73 year old premier institute in JAINA studies where many famous Jain scholars studied and worked. There has been good  reception to this development by the International academic community.

  8. Dr. Shugan Jain; India Director, ISSJS was invited, by Prof. Hope Fitz, to deliver lectures and teach   Classes in Jainism at Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT. and also at University of Connecticut, at Storrs, CT. from March 30-April 4, 2009. As a result, there may be some synergy to develop and offer a joint (between the two universities) regular course in Jainism there.

  9. Dr. Pankaj Jain; a 2006 Alumnus of ISSJS and now a faculty member at North Carolina State University will be offering   a regular ON-LINE course in Jainism in the Fall semester; August 2009.

  10. When we complete ISSJS 2009 in end of July, 2009, we will have had a total of about 120 scholars from more than 30 universities and from 10 countries studied thru ISSJS programs since 2005; quite a good accomplishment.

  11. As a result of this program, several ISSJS Alumni have started offering regular programs in Jain studies at several universities and colleges, quite a few have enrolled in PhD and GRAD studies programs, permanent presence and sessions have been established at American Academy of Religions (AAR) and DANAM (Dharma Association of North America) conferences, more research papers have started coming out and chapters in Jainism or stand alone books are in preparation now.

  12. We are very much at the beginning of our long journey to make JAIN Studies as an acceptable area of interest in the academic world.  ISSJS Program became an enabler to raise awareness about the Jain academic education, its teaching and research in the colleges and Universities around the world which had lacked so far.  ISSJS strives to train scholars to initiate and teach regular courses in Jainism, conduct research, publish research papers and books and bring Jain academicians in touch and regular contacts.  As we educate more scholars (faculty and graduate students), we will not only create opportunities to start and offer regular courses in Jainism in many colleges and Universities around the world but will also facilitate the academic exchange and interaction between Jain educational Institutions in India and Colleges and universities around the world.

  13. We have prepared a very comprehensive  collection  of Lecture  notes delivered at ISSJS during the last 4 years by many Jain scholars. These notes cover a very broad range of topics and nearly 600 pages of these notes can be downloaded from  or we will be happy to mail you a copy @ our cost of $30. 
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