ISSJS 2009 : 3 Programs

Posted: 30.04.2009
Updated on: 12.11.2010

This year the ISSJS program has expanded with the offering of three stand alone programs.


The first one is a One month Long ISSJS at Mahidol University, In Bangkok, Thailand with 17 Buddhist Scholars from several universities participating there.

This program started on 23rd April, 2009 at Mahidol university. ISSJS is taking several noted Jain Professors and Scholars from universities in India to Thailand, to teach these Buddhist scholars and create an environment and a forum for systematic study and research in Jainism and thus a dialogue between the two great religions of the world.


This event is a historic one and was made possible by the vision of Several Buddhist Scholars in Thailand who came to ISSJS in the past few years, by Shri Pramod Jain, Chairman, ISSJS Academic and Governing Council in Thailand and the Jain community in Bangkok.


The second stand alone ISSJS program is a One month Long program in India starting on May 23rd, 2009 in New Delhi. In this program, 13 scholars are participating from several universities in USA and Canada.


The third program is a Two month long ISSJS starting on June 1st, in New Delhi. In this program, 12 scholars from some famous universities in USA, Canada, U.K, Belgium, Switzerland and Thailand will be traveling to India. 

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