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Published: 06.11.2008
Updated: 02.07.2015

Prof. P.S. Jaini, Prof. (Emeritus) of University of California at Berkley, will deliver a number of lectures in the first week of ISSJS2009 at Delhi.

Prof. Padmanabh S Jaini, who had been the professor of Buddhist and Jain studies at Oxford and Berkley and is now Professor (emeritus) at Berkley and is the foremost scholar of Jainism internationally, has kindly agreed to spend the first fortnight with ISSJS2009. His books Jain Path of Purification, Gender Salvations, Selected Papers on Jainism and Sectoral debates and many more are widely acclaimed as masterpieces on Jain studies. He shall be teaching for the first week of ISSJS2009 at Delhi and also deliver three seminars on different aspects of Jain studies to academic and influential people in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.  ISSJS is indeed honored to have Prof Jaini with us. This is perhaps the finest opportunity for serious scholars of Buddhism, Jainism and South Asian studies to learn first hand from the vast experience of Prof Jaini.



Admissions to both program i.e. one month program and two months program are open now. ISSJS 2009 is completely overhauled in academic content, facility management and other field activities. The program is now made modular so that a key faculty member is responsible for delivering effectively the entire module and be available to the scholars for discussions. ISSJS2009 is being organized in separate classes, which will be totally independent physically and academic content wise. The scholars enrolling for the two months program will have ample opportunities to have in depth discussions and insiders view of Jainism and its relevance to 21st century. The scholars enrolling for one month program will have sufficient exposure to encourage them for taking up Jain studies further in their academic pursuits. Last date for submission of application form is February 14th 2009.

All scholars selected for the two months program are eligible for some financial assistance.

Announcement concerning the admissions and invitation for application is attached (Click to View). Kindly do post it on your college notice boards to give a wide publicity to the program.

Please visit for detailed information and admission application.



ISSJS 2009 at MahidolUniversityBangkok (Thailand)  April 2009-May 2009

ISJS is happy to announce the organization of a one month summer school at Mahidol University Bangkok from April 27th to May 23rd 2009. The Jain community in Bangkok under the leadership of Mr. Pramod Jain and Mahidol University in Bangkok has been associated with ISJS for the last three years. They have been sending their scholars regularly to attend the last three schools in India. The announcement for admissions is attached(Click to View) for your information and a request to encourage scholars in Thailand and vicinity to apply for admissions and take advantage of this unique experience of learning Jainism, which along with Buddhism is one of the two Shramanic philosophical traditions of India. Please apply fast directly to our Bangkok coordinators. The last date for applications is December 15th 2008.

Please visit for announcement and application procedure.



ISJS board meets with the leaders of Jain community in London. U.K.

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ISJS has a Face and Presence in U.K now.

As a result of the meeting at Oshwal Jain Center at Potters Barr in London, ISSJS was formally launched in the U.K. Jayni Gugka; a graduate student at School of Oriental and African Studies is now the program director there. Dr. Atul Shah, Ramesh Shah (a distinguished Professor of  Law at London University) and Vinod Kapashi will provide her guidance, support and  direction in promoting ISSJS within the academic community in the U.K and also in Europe.



Prof. Gary L. Francione, Distinguished Professor of Law & Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Scholar of Law and Philosophy, Rutgers University School of Law USA and an highly acclaimed author of many books on Animal Rights, exhorts the Jain community leaders to make Jainism available to the wider world of those who were not born into the Jain tradition.

“In my course on human rights/animal Rights, which I am teaching this semester, I am discussing Jaina doctrine and Ahimsa. “

“The primary reason that I am writing to you, however, is to emphasize to you the importance of making Jainism accessible to those who were not born into the Jain tradition. Although the Jains who I have had the good fortune to meet-the Samanijees, Pravin Shah, Sulekh Jain, Shugan Jain, etc.-have been nothing but helpful and generous with their time, and with providing and recommending books and other educational materials, Jainism is still very much something that is shared largely by those who were born into it-and not even by all of them. I have met a number of Jain youths who are completely unacquainted with Jainism and that is sad”.

“It is my hope that the leaders of the Jaina community will realize that an important task before them is to consider seriously ways in which Jainism can be made more accessible to all of us. The doctrines of Ahimsa, Anekanta, and Aparigraha are more relevant than at any time in human history. ‘These doctrines speak to all of the pressing issues of our time: war, poverty, violence, and ecological destruction”.



Dr Shugan Jain Director ISJS delivered a lecture on Relevance of Jainism in 21st century at S.A.JainCollege Ambala. (Haryana), India

Dr Shugan Jain, director of ISJS India presented a paper on Relevance of Jainism in 21st century, at the national seminar organized by S.A. Jain Ambala and sponsored by The University Grants Commission of India. The seminar, a whole day affair was attended by a large body of Jain scholars and community leaders and presided by Justice S. K. Jain. Dr Jain was also the guest of honour at the seminar.


Introducing the distinguished people behind ISJS.

From this issue, we are introducing the people who are the real builders of ISJS movement. We start by introducing the top three philanthropists from India who has been supporting ISJS since its beginning.

Dr. Mahendra Kumar Pandya chairman Ashi Diamonds New York and Mumbai

He is a medical consultant by training and profession, who spent most of his professional life in USA. He is now the chairman of one of the most prominent diamonds trading companies in New York run by his sons and himself and leads a retired life practicing the Jain way of life and supporting a number of charitable religious, health, and educational organizations run by Jains. He was a past president of Jaina in USA and the founder of the largest Jain temple in New York. Dr. Pandya divides his time equally between Indore and New York.

Dr. Pandya is perhaps the foremost Jain community leader who takes very keen interest in enhancing the Jain teachings and way of life. He is associated with a large number of Jain organizations involved in reviving old Jain institutions and building new ones for social and religious causes. He is the founding patron of ISJS and is always available to guide ISJS activities and extends support in mobilizing resources from others as well.

Sh. Ashok Patni chairman of R.K.Marble Pvt. Ltd., a Guinness record holder company for highest production of marble and ISO 9002 certified company.

His social endeavors have been directed towards giving best to the society and for the enrichment of several social welfare projects like schools, hospitals and offering scholarships to the budding students.

He is recipient of several awards like “Padam Divakar”, “Jain Gaurav”, income tax “Samman”, second prize for paying highest income tax in the category “Public Limited Company”, for the assessment year 1997-98, Guinness World Record Certificate in 2000 etc.

He lives with his family in Rajasthan. 

Shri Subhash Chand Jain Chairman Ranee Polymers Ltd. New Delhi

He along with his father Dr Kailash Chand Jain and brothers established the first toy company in India called Raja Toys. Later on he left the toy business to be managed by his brothers and established Ranee Polymers Ltd, a leading auto ancillary supplying plastic components and sub assemblies to leading companies like Honda and others in and around Delhi.

He and the entire family had been deeply involved in various social and religious activities including upgrading Jain pilgrim places, establishing temples and publishing Jain texts. He also runs a girl’s school and a charitable dispensary in Delhi. He is always available to silently support the needy families in their times of distress.

He had been instrumental since beginning of ISJS to ensure successful establishment of Jain academic studies and contribute to the general well being of the societies everywhere based on the three principles of Ahinsa, Aparigraha and Anekant. He is always forthcoming to assist whenever approached by ISJS.

He lives with his wife, son and grand son and their families in New Delhi.



Papers and books under preparation by ISJS.

ISJS India is undertaking the following three major projects to publish books.

  1. Upgrade the Study Notes version 2.0 to version 3.0 by including corrections and adding ten more papers. The study notes shall also be published as electronic book also so that the same can be circulated widely economically and online. We are thankful to Ms. Karuna Jain and Aparigraha Jain of Berlin Germany for their valuable contribution in editing version 2.0 and putting the corrected version online.
  2. English translation of Tattvarathsutra, The book of reality and path of liberation in question and answer form so that readers can understand the metaphysical and other aspects of Jainism clearly. The original book was written in Hindi by Acarya Srutasagarji and is being translated in English by ISJS. This is likely to be ready for publication before ISSJS2009.
  3. Dr Sulekh Jain, chairman ISJS USA has commissioned ISJS India to prepare a book on significant and unique Contributions of Jainism and Jain Community to the society. The project is underway and is likely to be completed by January 2010. 

Condolences in ISJS family:

ISJS regrets to inform the death of:

Mrs. Kamala Sogani, wife of Prof K. C. Sogani, member of academic council of ISJS India, trustee of Shri Mahavirji Tirth and Jain Vidhya Sansthan and most respected Jain scholar in India. Dr. Shugan Jain attended the funeral services in Jaipur and expressed the heart felt condolences to Prof. Sogani on behalf of ISJS.

Mr. Amrit Lal Jain, elder brother of our major donor and guide in USA, Mr. Swatantar Jain passed away in Houston. He was living in Houston for the last twenty six years and in USA for nearly 40 years and deeply involved in religious and philanthropic activities. Dr. Sulekh Jain attended the funeral services in Houston and expressed the heart felt condolences to the family on behalf of ISJS family.

On behalf of ISJS we pray for peace to the departed souls and to strength the families to bear the loss of departed souls.


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