JAINISM & SCIENCE OF LIVING : Today’s Youth - Tomorrow’s Future

Posted: 01.04.2009
Updated on: 02.07.2015


Samani Prasanna Pragya

Samani Rohit Pragya


Jainism & Science Of Living: Today’s Youth - Tomorrow’s Future

With the objectives to create better understanding of Jain philosophy and culture and to encourage balanced life, JVB London started a monthly work shop “JAINISM & SCIENCE OF LIVING” for youths. The first session was conducted by Samanijis on 15 March 2008. In the beginning of the session Samani Prasanna Pragya introduced the goals of the meeting. In her speech talking about the topic ‘Basics of Jainism’, Samani Rohit Pragya explained the meaning, origin, antiquity and goal of the Jainism in simple words. Samani Prasanna Pragya explained the importance of right way of breathing and taught various breathing exercises to get a better concentration and build a holistic personality. Both sessions were followed by the question- answers which gave chance to all participants to be a part of discussion. About 15 youths took part in that first session and found it very interesting and knowledgeable. They showed their interest to know more and more about Jainism and Science of living. 

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