090303 Bidasar - Three Days Training Camp Of Jain Karyavahini Under Auspicious Aura Of Acharya Mahapragya

Posted: 30.03.2009
Updated on: 29.11.2012



Fueling with the high inspiration from Sadhvi Nirvan shree ji, 71 members of Jain Karyavahini landed Bidasar on 08.03.2009 on their Sambodh Yatra under the leadership of Shri Mahendra Dudoadia. It is to be noted that organization Jain Karyavahini was established in 1991 as per the vision of Acharya Tulsi following the extra efforts of Muni Sumermal ji Ladnun & direction of Shri Bajrang Jain. This organization is working since last 17 years breathlessly & is organizing the class on various subjects on every Thursday.

Group got the opportunity of 3 days intense training from Acharya shri and other expertise. Acharya Shri while acknowledging the importance of Jain Karyavahini inspired the group to adopt the Jain life style in daily routine. Free from anger, intoxicants & stubborn attitude is the conclusion of the Acharya shri’s discourse to them. Yuvacharya Shri called the members as soldiers of community and further said that they are equivalent to the “Upasak” group.

Sadhvipramukha ji told that the Karyavahini members are the blending of passion & dedication towards their work. She inspired them to do a guru darshan once in a year. Group got the training on various subjects from Muni Shri Kishan lal ji, Muni Shri Dinesh Kumar, Muni Shri Mohjeet Kumar, Muni Shri Kumarshraman, Main coordinator Sadhvi Vishrutvibha ji, Sadhvi Kalplata ji, Sadhvi Jinprabha & Shri Bajrang Jain.

This Jain Karyavahini is very unique & distinguished from any other organizations. Muni Vinod Kumar ji was a Karyavahini member during his household life. Member Shri Ranjit Choraria’s son Muni Yogesh Kumar, Member Shri Balchand Bothra’s son Muni Mudit kumar & Sambodh Yatra Coordinator Shri Mahendra Dudhodiya’s daughter & Shri Pankaj’s sister Mumukshu Madhu are the devoted soldiers in white force of Acharya Mahapragya employing themselves in own spiritual upliftment along with the society development.

Coordinator Shri Poonam Chand Kochar along with the members of Bhikshu Bajan Group of Jain Karyavahini has given the musical presentation of songs & pleasant anchoring is done by Shri Prakash Surana. Efforts of Mahavir Pratap Dugar, members of Bidasar group, Shri Prakash Baid, Shri Pradeed Singhi, Shri Surendra Sethia & Shri Bajrang Daga are significant in the successful Sambodh Yatra.


Karyavahk Entering In Pravchan Hall


Sri Punam Kochar And Other Karyvahak Presenting A Song


Group Photo Of All Jain Karyavahk Who Were Present At Bidasar


Sri Prakash Surana Compering Programme. He Is Former Sanyojak Of Jain Karyavahini


Acharya Shree And Yuvacharya Shree With Full Family Of Dharamsangh

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