National Seminar On Jain Way Of Life And Its Relevance Today - Report

Posted: 24.03.2009
Updated on: 02.07.2015
Bhogilal Leherchand Institute of Indology

Two Days’ National Seminar onThe Jaina Way Of Life And Its Relevance Today’ held in Delhi - Report

To discuss and evaluate the importance, relevance and viability of Jaina religion: its tenets, its practices, in providing solution to the society, facing many problems, a seminar was conceived, planned and organized by Bhogilal Leherchand Institute of Indology in collaboration with Nakoda Parshwanath Teerth Trust under the able guidance of Prof. J. B. Shah, Vice-Chairman of BLII and Director of L. D. Institute of Ahmedabad, at India International Centre, New Delhi on February 6 &7, 2009.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Karan Singh, President of the inaugural session initiated his speech by acknowledging with appreciation the key-note address, delivered by Dr. Shah. He maintained that time is running out of human race in this most lethal century though, marked by mind-bobbling advancement of technology, yet facing great tension and turmoil and utmost violence. He also expressed concern over sectarian and social dissentions assuming alarming proportion, today. He made an appeal to the Jaina community to come to the rescue of society by promoting harmony among different religious sects.

Dr. (Mrs.) Kapila Vatsyayan, Chief Guest expressed her pleasure in being associated with the activities of the Institute from the very beginning of the establishment of this institute in Delhi. She was at pain with the present state of researches carried out on the basis of very fragmented records and sources. She underlined the tension ensuing between the category of tradition and modernization. To-day, financial concern has overshadowed all other factors of life and has become the main source of most of the problems society facing today.

The Guest of Honour, Dr. Sheldon Pollock from USA in his speech pin-pointed the need of smooth access to the Jaina Manuscript Collections and promotion of learning of old Indian languages like Prakrit, Aphabramsha, Old Gujarati etc by making sincere efforts.

Dr J. B. Shah, the convener of the Seminar, delivered his scholarly key-note address in a beautiful manner. Almost all the aspects of Jaina religion, worth mentioning, were included in his meticulously prepared speech.

The function commenced with the pious recital of Mrs. Deepshikha Jain and by lighting of the lamp by our eminent guests. Mr. N. P. Jain threw light on the activities of the Institute and welcomed the guests, delegates and audience. Mr. Raj Kumar Jain, President and other members of the management presented bouquet to the distinguished guests, gracing the dais. Mr. Deep Chand Jain, trustee of Nakoda Teerth, threw light on the multifarious activities of Nakoda Parshwanath Trust.

Deputy Chairman Gr. Captain Mr. V. K. Jain proposed vote of thanks. The Director, Dr. Balaji Ganorkar conducted the program.

There were six academic sessions. In all 19 papers were presented. In the first session, chaired by Prof. Sagarmal Jain and convened by Prof. Janak Dave, Prof. Phool Chand Jain, presented the account of the conduct of Jaina house holders.  Dr. Mahendra Bhai Nanavati, USA, emphasized the need of interpretation of Jaina rules in a rational way. The instructions should be made in the spirit of advice and not in that of compulsion and command. He had all praise for the house-holders pursuing the Jaina rules in far off places.  Mrs. Vimla Lalbhai, Mumbai focused her paper on the importance of Bhavanas in spi ritu al and worldly life.

In the second session, Dr. Lata Bothra from Kolkata elaborately dealt with the religious practices, food habits etc. of Sarak caste, residing in West Bengal, which is similar with those of  Jaina community. Prof. Kamala Jain in her paper dealt with the Sikshavrata Atithi Samvibhaga-vrata of Jaina house-holders. Dr. Pradyumn Shah Singh, Patiala concentrated in his paper on main principles, Non-violence, Ahimsa, Anekant and Aparigraha as found in Jaina canonical texts. Dr. Jodh Singh, Patiala presided this session. In his speech he said this saying of Nanak, “Jab Lag Duniya Rahiye Kuch Kahiye Kuch Suniye, and bore close similarity with Anekant of Jainism.

On the 7th February in third session, three papers were presented. Dr. Vijay Kumar Jain, Lucknow talked on the scientific foundation of Jain life- style. Dr. Dharm Chand Jain, Jodhpur, emphasized in his paper the need to propagate the various traits of Jainism so that the living being as a whole is benefited in a significant manner. Dr. A. K Singh highlighted the need of awareness towards the transgression of vices (vyasanas) in the light of Jain sravakacara works. Dr, Hampa Nagarajaiah, chaired this session. Prof. Janak Dave was the convener.

In the fourth session, three scholars, Prof. Sagarmal Jain, Shazapur, Prof. S. P. Narang, Delhi and Prof. Kokila Shah, Mumbai, presented their papers. Prof. Jain dealt in his paper how Jains doctrines may be of great help in solving the most of the burning problems faced by the world to-day. Prof. S. P. Narang in his paper talked on the application of concept of truth to various fields particularly Jain literary criticism in the light of a commentary of Siddhachand-gani.  Prof. Kokila Shah emphasized that a model of thought process is necessary to make the practice of non-violence, viable one. Prof. Kamala Jain presided this session. 

In the fifth session, Prof. Janak Dave, Ahmedabad, Dr. Vijay Shankar Shukla and Prof. J. P. Vidyalankar, Delhi presented their papers. This session was presided over by Dr. R. P. Jain, Dr. D. N. Sharma was convener of this session.

In the sixth session, Dr. Shveta Jain, Dr. Vineya Jain, Dr. Anekant Jain and Dr. D.N. Sharma presented their papers.

On this occasion, a Website ‘ Young Jains ’ was also launched by Prof. J. B. Shah. Eminent scholar of Sanskrit Prof. Radha Vallabh Tripathi, Vice-Chancellor, Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthan, expressed the need of organizing such seminars. Valedictory address was made by Prof. Sagarmal Jain. Dr. Jitendra B Shah spoke regarding the details of the organization of this seminar. Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh presented the report of the proceedings of the Seminar. Mr. N. P. Jain welcomed the guests and Dr. Dhanesh Jain proposed the vote of thanks. The Director, Dr. Balaji Ganorkar conducted this session.





Dr. Balaji


Dr Ganorkar


Dr J B Shah


Dr Karan Singh on the Pod


Dr Karan Singh


Dr Kokila Shah


Dr. Balaji Ganorkar


Dr. Balaji, Dr. J. B. Sha


Dr. Dhanej Jain accorded


Dr. Gananath Obeysekere






Dr. J. B. Shah


Dr. Janak Dave


Dr. Kapila Vatsyayana wit


Dr. Mahendra Nanawati


Dr. Karan Singh lighting


Dr. Vimala Lalbhai


Mr. Darshan Kumar Jain pr


Mr. N.P. Jain


Mr. R. K. Jain presented


Prof. Radha Vallabh Tripa

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