Short News 2009-13

Posted: 21.03.2009
Updated on: 29.11.2012

21.03.2009 ►Photo News


Acharya Mahapragya explaining the impact of Karma on body formation


Acharya Mahapragya chanting "Namo Arihantanam" before starting the discourse

22.03.2009 ►Photo News


Different views of Acharya Mahapragya & Yuvacharya Mahashraman giving blessings to the devotees after discourse session


Acharya Mahapragya told that truth can be reveled by exercising non-absolutism

23.03.2009 ►Photo News


Acharya Mahapragya said that to change as per time is the sign of intelligence with reference to the story of Raja Pardesi

Dr. Sohan Raj Tater has been appointed as Pro Vice Chancellor of Singhania University

  1. Dr. Sohan Raj Tater has been appointed as “Pro Vice Chancellor”of “Singhania University”,Pacheri Bari, Dist: Jhunjhunu (Raj.) run by J.K. Singhania Group and accordingly joined there on 18-03-09.

    Further, 01-04-09 onwards he shall be designated as “Vice Chancellor”.

  2. Blessings of Yuvacharya Mahashraman

24.03.2009 ►Photo News


Acharya Mahapragya Pravas Samiti 's president Shri Babulal Sekhani along with his team requesting Acharya Shri to extend his Bidasar stay

25.03.2009 ►Photo News


Yuvacharya Mahashraman along with monk force during the Hazari


Anuvrat incharge Muni Sukhlal & Amrit muni in an Medical camp at Bidasar

Vighyapati # 48-49-50

Latest Vighyapati issues:




26.03.2009 ►Photo News


Acharya Mahapragya explaining the cause & effect relationship between violence & greed in the morning discourse.


Conversation between the smallest & the principal monk of Terapanth sect

27.03.2009 ►Photo News


BJP's members & MLAs paying regards to Acharya Mahapragya

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