JVBU - National Seminar on “Philosophy, Science and Culture” (December, 20-21-2008) - Report

Posted: 17.03.2009



It was a matter of great privilege for Jain Vishva Bharati University to organize a National Seminar on the occasion of  “World Philosophy Day” declared by UNESCO. Dept. of Jainology and Comparative Religion and Philosophy on a very short notice promptly grabbed this opportunity. Nearly fifty participants joined this seminar. Of which twenty-five of them presented research papers.

The Seminar was inaugurated on 20th Dec., 08 with holy prayer sung by Samani Pranava Pragya. The message of H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna, renowned philosopher of the present, encompassing and guiding the entire theme and objective of the seminar was produced by Samani Ritu Pragya. Dr. Samani Chaitanya Pragya, head of department gave welcome address. After a warm heartfelt welcome of Prof. S. R. Bhatt, former Director of ICPR and Chief guest and Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar, keynote speaker and honorary professor of the department and other participants she tried to clarify her projection of this work.


About the Academic Schedule

There were in total six academic sessions in two days. Twenty-five research papers on the theme of the seminar were presented and openly discussed. In the very first session Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar delivered his thoughts on the topic ‘Reconciliation between Spirituality and Science’. In this he tried to hit the point of close association among science, philosophy and culture. In the second session guest speaker Prof. S.R. Bhatt delivered his talk on ‘Philosophy, Culture and Human Existence’. After this talk in this very session other three papers were presented. Dr. N.L. Kachara, Udaipur dealt on his topic ‘Dualism in Jainism’, Samani Rohini Pragya presented her views on ‘Environmental Ethics: In western and Jain Philosophy’, Samani Chaitya Pragya explored her thoughts on ‘Philosophy of Anekanta and Intercultural’. After these paper presentations, deliberation was carried out. In the third session visiting Prof. Edgar Bauer presented his modern thoughts on the topic ‘Vilem Flusser: On the End of History and the Futurity of Time.’ Samani Riju Pragya came up with her work on ‘Scientific Background of Jain Philosophical Concepts’. Giriraj Bhojak delivered his speech on ‘Contribution of philosophy and culture in education’. In the fourth session Prof. Damodar Shastri of the very department delivered his guest lecture on ‘Religion, Philosophy and Science in Indian Thought.’ As other speaker Samani Kusum Pragya presented here influential thoughts on ‘Philosophy of Non-Violence and World Peace.’ Samani Satya Pragya presented her views on the subject ‘Sharing for Survival.’ Reena Jain Spoke on ‘Non-violence Philosophy and world Peace’. Ramnaresh Jain pored views on ‘Four efforts as dealt in education’. In the fifth session Prof. S.M. Jain (Kota) presented his thoughts on ‘Philosophical and Scientific Basis of sustained Development’ Muni Abhijeet on ‘The Concept of God: A Higher Form of Life in Jainism’. Prof Rita Bagchi on ‘The Role of Science and the Spiritual Values in Education’ while Samani Ramaniya Pragya on ‘Philosophical Scientific Religious Interpretation of Dreams. In the last session of this conference Dr. Samani Malli Pragya presented here views on ‘Education in Reference to Science, Philosophy and Culture.’ Research Scholar Vandana Mehata also put fourth her thoughts. At last but not least valedictory session was organized after the very compilation on six academic sessions. Chief Speaker Prof. M.R. Gelra, former Vice-Chancellor of JVBU, gave his concluding remarks and pinpointed some areas of exploration. The coordinator of this entire task Dr. Samani Chaitanya Pragya presented a short report, and thanks address with high spirit was given by Prof. Damodar Shastri. This session was anchored by Asst. Prof. Yogesh Kumar Jain of the department. Thus, the entire deliberation process introduced new steps of thought.

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