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Posted: 16.03.2009

All living organisms, with their souls defiled by karma, have piecemeal and fragmented knowledge, intuition and energy, possesses perverted faith and embodied existence, experience joy and grief and a limited life span and are therefore, subject to cycles of birth and death. Karma infects and defiles all worldly organisms and veils, vitiates or obstructs the above mentioned eight qualities of a pure soul and keeps it away from its supreme state of existence. Accordingly there are eight primary, main (mula prakiti) types of karma:



Jñānāvarṇa karma

knowledge obscuring karma

obscures the pure and perfect knowledge.


Darsanāvarṇa karma

intuition obscuring karma

obscures the pure and perfect intuition.


Vedanīya karma

feeling producing karma

holds up the self generated bliss and produces pleasures and pain, joy and grief in worldly life.


Mohanīya karma

deluding karma

produces delusion, meta physical and ethical.

  1. Prevents the innate ability of belief in truth.
  2. Destroys equanimity of conduct.


Āyuṣya karma

life span determining karma

determines the biological species as well as the duration of life-span.


Nāma karma

body making karma

embodies the bodyless soul and determines the diversities and individual traits.


Gotra karma

status determining karma

determines the status and family conditions.


Antarāya karma

abstracts/suppresses the spiritual energy.[5]




Fig.17: Eight main karma
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