Siddhachakra Mahapooja At Leeds

Posted: 04.11.2008
Updated on: 30.07.2015


Samani Prasanna Pragya

Samani Rohit Pragya



On 18 October 2008, at the invitation of Prof. Kanti Maradia, SamaniPrasanna Pragyaand Rohit Pragyawent to Leeds for three days. On 19 October, The Yorkshire Jain Foundation, The Hindu Charitable Trust and The Jain Samaj Europe jointly celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Pratistha MahotsavaLeicester and the 7th anniversary of Leeds Derasar (Temple).


On this occasion a ‘Siddhachakra Mahapooja’was organised at The Shree Hindu Mandeer, Leeds. Shree JayeshbhaiShah of Jain Samaj Europe conducted the whole ceremony (pooja).It was started with the recitation of Namokar mantra by respected Samanijis. One of the important parts of this ceremony was the Nav-pad Pooja. Samani Rohit Pragya explained all the nine padas - Arihant, Siddha, Aacharya, Upadhyay, Sadhu, Gyan, darshan, Charitra and Tapain simple English language. Both the samanijis together sang the songs related to Nava padasand Bhagavan Mahaveer. Many other songs were presented by the singers of Jain Samaj Europe.

Samani Prasanna Pragya appreciated the work done by Jayesh bhai, who explained the whole process of Poojain a simple and interesting manner. She appreciated the hard work done by Prof Kanti Mardiaand his family. She spoke about the importance of Jain culture and religion and said that whatever activities or rituals we perform, our aim should be clear. Without any spiritual aim all rituals become fruitless. She wished that may all the participants of the Poojaattain the highest purity of soul.

The event was attended by around 225 people coming from Leeds, Leicester, Bolton etc. Prof. Kanti Mardia said that Acharya Tulsi and Acharya Mahapragya are those great men who knew the present situations and tried to put religion in that form which can be easily understood by all. He paid gratitude towards Samanijis for enlightening the people on the auspicious occasion of Siddhachakra Maha Pooja.
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