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Posted: 22.10.2008
Updated on: 29.11.2012
►Samanijis Programme at Ilford (London)

On 28 September 2008, Samanijis were invited by Ilford Jain Samaj to conduct workshops for adults and youths. The two-hour session started with the recitation of Bhaktamar. Samaniji explained the history related to this miraculous Sanskrit prayer and spoke about the importance of its meaning and pronunciation. Samani Rohit Pragya talked about the tips of happy life in Gujarati language among adult group and Samani Prasanna pragya spoke on the topic ‘Secret of Success’ among youths in English language with attractive power point presentation. About 150 people took part in that programme and enjoyed both the sessions. A small session of Preksha Meditation was also held by samanijis, which made people relaxed and rejuvenated. Ilford Jain Society paid their heartiest gratitude towards Samaniji for enlightening them with spiritual knowledge.


    ►Effective Life Style Through Preksha Meditation

On 5 October 2008, a workshop was held on ‘Effective Life Style through Preksha Meditation’ at Sayer Center by Samani Prasanna Pragya. In her speech, Samaniji said ‘Meditation means to live in present. Only that person, who knows to live in present, knows to live a happy and harmonious life’. She gave five important maxims – Awareness, Love, Hard work, Concentration & Indifferenceand told that through the application of these five principles one can live in present moment. Simple presentation with inspirable stories and jokes made the subject easily accessible and attracted the people to learn more about Preksha Meditation.


In July 2008, Jain Vishva Bharati London Center hold the Two-week Initial Preksha Meditation Training Course. Many people attended that course and ten of them were certified as Preksha Meditation trainer. Seeing the interest towards Meditation, the same training was again started on 29th September. Almost nine people took part in this course. All the classes were conducted by both the samanijis. At present, for the practice of participants Meditation class is conducted on every Monday to Friday at JVB Center from 7:00am to 8:00am.

        ►Samanijis At Oswal Center And Leicester Jain Temple With Jain Group Of America

On 11 October 2008, Samanijis were invited to Oswal Center. The programme was arranged by Oswal center to welcome the Jain group came from America. Prograamme was started with Samanijis’s Manglacharan, followed by the speech of Sulekh Jain and Presention of Suganchand Jain (team of international summer school for Jain studies). They presented the data of summer school, feed back of the students, and inspired to the Jain organizations of London to support this activity to spread Jainism and bring it on academic level. The group along with Samanijis also visited the Jain temple of Leicester. At night, a welcome programme was held at JVB London. Manik Chorariya, the secretary of JVB London gave welcome speech and honoured them with the literature written by H.H Acharya Mahapragya. Mr. Sulekh Jain appreciated the activities done by Samanijis and JVB London shravak samaj. Mr. Swantatra Jain, present president of JVB Houston informed about the new big building of JVB Center at Houston, which is going to be finished by March. Samani Prasanna Pragya presented the activities running in JVB London centre and appreciated the awareness of the Jain Samaj, living in abroad.


  ►Healing Through Meditation – Rashmibhai Javeri

On 12 October 2008, in the presence of Samaniji, Dr. Rashmibhai Javeri, came from India conducted a workshop at JVB center. In his speech, Rashmibhai Javeri told that through Meditation, one can get rid of any disease whether physical, mental or emotional. He shared his own experience and told the people that how with medication; he practised Preksha Meditation and removed his Cancer. He gave the example of Arunbhai Javeri, hi s brother, and told that Preksha Meditation can bring total change in past habits and personality. About fifty people attended this workshop. The session was ended with question-answers followed by Samaniji’s Mangal Path.


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