Forgiveness and Endurance - Special Message

Posted: 03.09.2008
Updated on: 03.01.2011


Special Message 


His Holiness Acharya Shri Mahapragyaji 

 on the eve of 


(The Auspicious Jain Festival of Forgiveness)


"Forgiveness and Endurance"


There is a deep   relation between the human brain and the way a person thinks about anything.   Since both of them vary from person to person, and also since there are emotions behind their mechanism, there is bound to be a conflict between one person and another one, mainly because of emotional impulse. 

Those persons, who have developed their power of restraint, can remain calm and composed, and those who have weak restraining power however lead a life of tension. 

The tension, in   turn, creates plethora of problems. If one can purge himself of tension, he can save himself from becoming a prey to physical, mental and emotional problems. 

The great Paryusana or Samvatsari Parva (Religious Festival) in itself comprises the technique of development of one's capability to endure. By exercising it, one can get rid of all the tension accumulated throughout the year. 

"Seeking Forgiveness" (Kshma Yachana) the theme of Samvatsari, is as much important socially as is spiritually. Through the practice of begging forgiveness from others and giving forgiveness to others, one can lead a peaceful social and communal life. 

ANUVIBHA Kendra, Jaipur, 2.09.2008

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