2008 Karuna’s Jaipur Tour – [06.1] Preksha Meditation Camp (1)

Published: 14.08.2008
Updated: 29.11.2012


Early next morning we left for the 8-days Preksha Meditation Camp. Kanchanji & I only took small bags filled with what we thought necessary. Premji Bothra & Shivani & Sanjeev Bothra accompanied us to “Kingwin Filmstudios” where all participants were supposed to meet for registration. Kanchanji & I were roommates, both of us felt happy. About 60 participants, one third of them women, gathered in the entry hall of “Kingwin Filmstudios” where we all would be accommodated in AC rooms.

Kanchan Baid & Karuna Jain after being registered for Preksha Meditation Camp.


Bus for camp participants & entry to accommodation.

We left the luggage with the organisers & boarded the bus. The “Kingwin Filmstudios” are a hotel-like building complex with a night decoration giving an impression very close to the flair of a movie. It seemed the preferred accommodation for Terapanth events, as the participants to Terapanth Professionals Conference also were accommodated there. They had not yet finished with checkout, which was the reason why the room numbers could not be given to us immediately. But there was no need to hurry, the camp would last for another 8 days, and the luggage during day was not needed.


First common breakfast of camp participants.

Then we all enjoyed breakfast together. Some kind of opportunity to get familiar with each other. The participants apparently were from all ages & walks of life. They seemed very disciplined and did not talk much neither did Kanchanji & I. All of us were united in the awareness that too much talking is not appropriate in a Preksha Meditation Camp.


Participants receive Tilaks on their forehead.

After breakfast all received Tilaks on their forehead. We then were requested to go downstairs for the opening session in the big Assembly Hall. There was an extra space left for Preksha Meditation Camp participants, a mindfulness of the organisers most valued by those knowing how crowded Sunday lectures usually are. Suddenly a little girl stood in front of me whispering, “Samani Mangal Pragyaji calls you.”


JVB University's Vice-Chancellor Dr. Samani Mangal Pragya & Dr. Raj Sethia, perfect German speaking Terapanth Maha Sabha General Secretary from Kolkata.

Samani Mangal Pragyaji smiled when I arrived & said, “I thought you should meet.” And introduced Dr. Raj Sethia to me. Dr. Sethia perfectly addressed me in German language! Before I had recovered from surprise, he told me that during his studies he had been in Germany for 7 months, and in only 7 months had learned the language. “And,” he added, “I thought you might enjoy hearing familiar sounds in an environment you are feeling at home quite some time.” That was right, Dr. Sethia!


Audience standing up when arrival of Acharya Mahaprajna is anounced.

When Acharya Mahaprajna was about to arrive, I was also back to the Hall. H.H. Acharyashree specially addressed the participants of Terapanth Professionals Conference as well as those of Preksha Meditation Camp. For the latter Yuvacharyashree spoke a resolve in Hindi which was repeated by the participants. Later I learned that it was some resolve to strictly follow the camp rules as attendance to all sessions, no outside eatings, only talking when necessary & trying to cope with all situations coming up. After the resolve we left the Assembly Hall and went downstairs to Meditation Hall. We were informed that introduction to H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna after lunch was postponed & Sadhvi Rajimati then would guide a meditation session.


First meditation session of the camp guided by Sadhvi Shubrayasha.

Before she started the meditation session Sadhvi Shubrayasha introduced to correct breathing those who were not familiar with it. She demonstrated how to enwrap inside & immediately was doing what she was pointing out to us. She showed which path to go if we want to get that deep inside where truth can be found. There was no need for Sadhvishree to use many words. She guided us in a very peaceful, yet intense way. I experienced understanding without words & had the strong feeling that her vibrations were at least as significant as her words. Entrusted to her guidance in a way perhaps words would not have provided, I really enjoyed. Surprised, but highly motivated for further experience I was looking forward to the session guided by Sadhvi Rajimati after lunch.


Yuvacharya Mahashraman

After tea break we were asked to present us to Yuvacharyashree & the other participants. A feeling of togetherness & group identity was about to develop. Still very few words had been exchanged. Many participants already had a glimmer of inner light in the eyes. We were many different people united in the same purpose, to get off every day routine for experiencing the adventures of inner treasures. None of us was very peculiar at first sight. All of us were quite normal people, not very much what is understood as adventurers! Nonetheless we were ready for the greatest adventure, the search for truth (in) ourselves! This readiness alone was enough to commit to another with confidence.

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