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Published: 05.06.2008
Updated: 29.11.2012
Prasanna Pragya
Rohit Pragya
On 17th and 18th May, two one-day workshops on ‘Women and children’s health’ and ‘Curing cough, cold and sinusitis’ were held at the JVB London Centre, in the auspicious presence of Samani Prasanna Pragya and Samani Rohit Pragya. In this workshop, participants also had the guidance of Swami Dharmanandji and his wife Nirmalaji. Swami Dharmanandaji has been a practitioner of Preksha Meditation for over 45 years and is the Director of the centre, Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra, in Delhi. Both the workshops included a lecture from Samaniji and Swami Dharmanandji, the practice of relaxation, meditation, yoga and a discussion on the workshop topic.


JVB London organised another two-day workshop on 24th and 25th May. In this workshop, Samani Prasanna Pragya presented her views on ‘Essentials of Meditation’, ‘Art of Eating’ and ‘Anger Management’ in a very interesting and practical way. Samani Rohit Pragya talked on the topic, ‘Inner Peace through Preksha Meditation’ and also held a class of relaxation, meditation and chanting mantras. Swami Dharmanandji gave a lecture on ‘Keys to Happiness’ and ‘Sleep Disorder’; he also led classes of relaxation and contemplation. Nirmalaji guided the participants through Health-Rejuvenating exercises, Asanas and Pranayam. Shruti Malde, a teacher at Shri Chandana Vidyapeethshared her experience of the practice of Preksha Meditation and its significance. At the close of the workshop, participants found themselves more energetic and free from all kinds of tension. During his stay in London from 17th-31st May, Swami Dharmanandji also gave daily talks on treating various diseases, ranging from joint pain to heart disease and depression.

The people of London took the best advantage of all these workshops and daily classes and learnt a variety of new things.

Feed Back Of Two-Day Preksha Meditation Workshop

Two days of a wonderful “retreat” from a busy worldly life. Learnt various ways of coping with daily stresses and I am inspired to put it into practice. Thank you to the dedicator of JVB samnijis who are so enthusiastic in spreading the teaching of Bhagwan Mahavira. Thank you to Shri Dharmanad Swami for teaching the practice of Preksha Meditation.

Jyotsna Samji

Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days work shop. Already having got some foundation on Preksha from Samniji previously, it was good to have 2 days and expose more on peripheral topics like “Art of Eating” “Inner Peace through meditation”. Excellent! Thank you.

Shruti Malde

Having attended Vipassana Meditation for 10 days, I have found Preksha Meditation very benefit as it is not just meditation but also breathing & self awareness and also different Mudras. Thanks & Best Regards.

Pushpa Dabasia

Preksha Meditation has introduced to me not just Meditation but spiritual and yogic practices that lead to an understanding of both body and soul.

Anil Haria

I was introduced to Preksha Meditation about 4 years back but I have not developed the habit to practice it on a regular basis but now after this workshop I decided to make it a regular practice.

Raju Shah

Two wonderful days! Gave me back my equanimity and sense of balance.

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