JVBL - Samanijis’ Talk At Health Seminar & Performed Prayer At Mahaveer Award Ceremony

Posted: 05.06.2008
Updated on: 29.11.2012


Prasanna Pragya

Rohit Pragya


Samanijis’ Talk At A Health Seminar

On 10th May, Samanijis were invited to a health seminar held by the members of Navnat Centre. The session commenced with a talk on ‘Colour and Health’ by Samani Rohit Pragya. In her talk introducing ‘Leshya’, she revealed that modern ‘Color Science’ is none other than the Jain concept of leshya.  Explaining the power of color and how it affects our health, she included some true anecdotes. The session was continued by Samani Prasannna Pragya. She taught the practice of Color Therapy and inspired all participants to do Color Meditation to get rid of all physical and mental diseases. Approximately sixty participants took the benefit of the seminar. Ms. Surabhi, who organized this seminar, paid her gratitude towards Samanijis for coming and enlightening all the participants.

Samanijis Performed A Prayer At A Mahaveer Award Ceremony

On 18th May 2008, Samani Prasanna Pragya and Samani Rohit Pragya visited Harrow Leisure Centre on invitation of Young Indian Vegetarian Society UK, directed by Nitin Mehta, to honour Shri Dada J. P. Vasvani with the Mahaveer Award for his remarkable efforts in the field of non-violence. On this occasion, award-holder J. P. Vasvani discussed ‘Three secrets of Happiness’.
At the commencement of the award ceremony, the Samanijis performed small prayers - Namaskar Mahamantraand Mangal Pathin the original Prakrit language and English, followed by the prayer of forgiveness. Dada appreciated the prayer and paid gratitude to Samanijis for helping him connect to his inner spiritual self through the sacred words. Samani Prasanna Pragya conveyed her congratulations to the award-winner, Dada J. P. Vasvani for his excellent work being done not only for humans, but for the whole of creation. She presented him with a Jain Scripture, ‘Acharanga Sutra’, a book based on the values of compassion and non-violence towards all living beings.


Samaniji appreciated Nitin Mehta for recognizing the work of these kind of dignitaries. Nitin Mehta paid his gratitude to Samaniji and wished that every year on this occasion, they may get the Samanijis’ auspicious presence.
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