Short Visit Of 2 Days To Manchester On The Auspicious Occasion Of Mahavir Jayanti

Posted: 22.04.2008
Updated on: 29.11.2012


Prasanna Pragya

Rohit Pragya


Samani Prasanna Pragya And Samani Rohit Pragya Had A Short Visit Of 2 Days To Manchester On The Auspicious Occasion Of Mahavir Jayanti.


They were invited by the Jain Community Center, Manchester to celebrate the Mahaveer Janma Kalyanak day. On the first day of their visit i.e.on Friday, 18th April, actual day of Mahaveer Jayanti a Program was held in the Jain Community Centre. The program has been started with the Mahaveer dhun. Samani Prasanna Pragya made an excellent performance explaining the application of non-violence in practical life. She explained anger, ego and greed as the causes of violence. Expressing her views she said that to have a peaceful life it is necessary to build good relations with all the members of family and one should start the application of non-violence in family. Focusing people’s attention towards the ways of minimizing violence, she inspired people to practice the deep breathing and perception of white colour on centre of enlightenment. Samani Rohit Pragyaji expressed her views regarding the importance of non-attachment in Gujarati language. The session concluded with a short meditation.


On Saturday, 19th April Mahavir Jayanti was celebrated in a large gathering at Manchester’s Jain Community Centre. The celebration started with recitation of Navkar mantra and bhakti songs followed by lecture of Samani Prasanna Pragyaji. In her lecture Samani Prasanna Pragya said ‘Lord Mahaveer taught us a live religion. If we perform all the rituals and don’t follow the principles given by him then we are following dormant religion not alive religion’. Defining the live religion she said ‘Live religion is that which is practiced 24 hours, which is practiced every where and which transforms our bad habits in to good habits. It is the duty of jain shravak to understand and follow the dharma in proper way’.


On this special spiritual occasion, in the remembrance of Lord Mahaveer, various kinds of programs are presented by the children, teenagers and adults of Jain community centre. The children performed an excellent dance and a garaba was presented by the young ladies of Jain community center. An interesting drama was done by the adults in which it was shown that how King Akbar met a Jain Muni Heer vijayaji and how a monk taught him the importance of Jainism. The scene was so live and inspirable when Akbar takes resolution to keep close all slaughterhouses of his kingdom during the Jain festival Paryushan.


After the completion of drama Samani Prasanna Prgyaji inspired the people that if they really want to make the birthday of Mahaveer as a worthwhile day, they should take resolution of not taking the non-vegetarian food. With her inspiration many people took resolution and pay their gratitude to Samaniji for coming and inspiring all of them on this pious occasion. Samani Rohit Pragyaji did Mahaveer Vachan based on Kalpsutra. The event was concluded with the Mangal path of Samaniji.


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