JVB Houston - Non-Violence Discussion Forum - June 15th 2008

Posted: 12.06.2008
Updated on: 30.07.2015


Akshay Pragya

Vinay Pragya


Ahinsa Vichaar Manch

Non-Violence Discussion Forum

A new multidimensional Program / Forum at JVB Houston

JVB is starting a bi-monthly program at the Houston Center.

Ahinsa Vichaar Manch will be held on 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month between 10.00 am - 12.00 pm. There is no charge or fee. All are encouraged to come.

The first session will start on Sunday, June 15, 2008 @ 10.00 am sharp.

There will not be any lecture, preaching, or sermons in these sessions. The aim is to look at Ahinsa, its multi-dimensions and its practical applications in our daily lives. The main outcome of this program will be to inspire everyone to march towards leading a non–violent way of life (Ahinsatmak Jeevan).

AHINSA is the Center Pole of Jainism. It is its very foundation. Unconditional Ahinsa to all creatures in the universe is its central message. We all say, “Ahinsa Parmodharma” (ahinsa is the greatest and supreme religion). If it is so, then how come we know so little about it?

“Dhammo Mangal Mukithham, Ahinsa Sanjmo Tavo, Deva Vitam Naman Santi, Jassa Dhamme Saya Mano”. That which is non-violence, self restraint and austerity is dharma (spiritual values). It is by virtue of spiritual values that supreme spiritual beneficence results. To him whose mind is absorbed in spiritual vales even gods pay homage.

In these dialogues we will look at what Ahinsa is? It’s very basis, why and how it is different from others? We will look at Ahinsa in several religious traditions. After some fundamental understanding, we will look at the classifications of Ahinsa, its magnitude and landscape. What are the practical situations in life where we face Hinsa, and what steps we can take to avoid or minimize it? We will explore the applications of Ahinsa beyond Thali (food plate) and food, and from micro (Sookshum) to macro (sthool) Hinsa.

We will look at and discuss many stories from Jain and other scriptures, from the lives of great persons, and from our own life experiences. We will also do Preksha Meditation and contemplation on Ahinsa in our daily lives and during all our entire life span.

In this, no one will be a preacher. We all will start on the same page and since it is a dialog, will learn from each other. The program will be nearly non-denominational and we will talk and discuss topics related to Ahinsa only.

Sulekh Jain


JVB Center,
1712 Highway 6S. Houston, TX 77077 (on Hwy 6 S between Briar Forest and Westheimer).
Ph; 281 596 964

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