Jaipur Chaturmas News 2008-07-16 Birthday of Acharya Bhikshu and Bodhi Day Celebration

Published: 24.07.2008
Updated: 30.07.2015



Birthday of Acharya Bhikshu and Bodhi Day Celebration

Decision of social responsibility can’t be done on the basis of religion

Acharya Mahaprgaya

Jaipur July 16, 2008.

“Knowledge is rare but spirituality realization is the rarest." Spiritual realization has three types - right knowledge, right perception and character. Hence realization and knowledge is not the same thing. Realization is our internal vision; it is knowledge taking place through the activation of consciousness. Acharya Bhikshu used the knowledge as well as spiritual realization to establish some principles. But masses are not able to understand his principles. Bhikshu had told clearly “there are two paths- one is the path of society and one is the path of salvation. Both can’t be intermingled with each other. Both are independent to each other. Social responsibilities can’t be decided on the basis of religion. Similarly the way of religion can’t be decided by the social decisions.

Above thoughts are expressed by Acharya Mahapragya on the eve of celebration of Acharya Bhikshu’s birthday and Bodhi Day. Terapanth’s first Acharya, Acharya Bhikshu was born 282 years ago in Kantaliya town of Rajasthan on 13th day of Asad Shukla (date as per Hindu calendar) which comes on 16 July 2008 this year.

Further describing the thoughts of Acharya Bhikshu, Acharya Mahapragya said that truth and thoughts are very vast and anyone can grab it. The detailed explanation of Geeta given by Lok Manya Tilak was knowingly unknowingly was the language & thoughts of Acharya Bhikshu. The solution he had given should be applied to the society & politics. He said that where any issue related to social responsibility arises; don’t pull the same under the umbrella of religion. Always think while performing the social duties that it doesn’t harm the religious sentiments in any way. Today social and political problems have been mixed with the religious problems. This has resulted in form of communal tensions and rising social troubles.

Acharya Shri describing the four fold partition of life said that in ancient time, 4 fold partitions has been stated. This is very scientific patter of life. Those four divisions are - physical need, Money, religion and salvation. Acharya Bhikshu had given the explanation of these four. Life continues on earth because of physical needs, and money is the mean of survival. Both these are in respect of society. Then discussion started on soul aspects that system should not be driven only on body & materiality. Then to save the society from evils and for realization of conscious state, religion had come in picture. And finally concept of Salvation comes in existence for ultimate happiness.

Yuvacharya Mahashraman said that after going through the life of Acharya Bhikshu, it seems that he was blessed with the extraordinary courage, incredible bravery, & fearlessness. Once he comes to know about the truth, he had revealed the same with true spirit. He researched with neutrality hence he was able to describe the important principles with simplicity and accuracy.

Mahashramani Kanakprabha ji told that Bhikshu got the spiritual realization 250 years ago. On the basis of his internal consciousness, he not only done the physical penance but also visualizes the truth.

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