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Posted: 14.06.2008
Updated on: 16.03.2011

May 17

Jain Studies Blog Launched

ISSJS has set up blog to provide a platform for discussions and exchange of views of academic subjects of interest. We have put a sample paper on Forgiveness to give a start o the forum. Please do visit the blog, post your comments and also send articles or papers for generating discussion. We hope this is a beginning for exchange of thought on scholarly subjects concerning Jain philosophy, history, art, culture, philosophy and way of life. Happy blogging.

We are trying to exchange experiences of the visiting scholars through this platform. Let us hope we succeed and make you share the experiences of the scholars. Visit to start blogging

May 22

Publications of ISSJS

We have printed 100 books of Study-Notes Version 2.0 to mark the fourth ISSJS i.e. ISSJS2008. It is a collection of 66 papers on different subjects related to Jainism written by faculty and associated experts of the school. Already 35 copies have been shipped to our donors in USA and India. If you wish to order a copy for yourself, please let us know along with a donation of Rs 1199 to over cost of printing and postage.

ISJS India has got the book Jain Way of Life by one of its managing members in USA, Mr Yogendra Jain printed in India. This book, a most up to date reference guide to all the issues arising in day to day life and Jain views on the same has been very well presented for reference and as gift presentation for our young family members and friends living overseas. Please contact us at svana(at) for details and costs.

Brochure for ISSJS2008 is also out for distribution. It is a colourful presentation of ISSJS and the class attending ISSJS2008. Please write to us if you wish to receive a copy of the same.


May 29

ISSJS Newsletter launched

Distinguished reader and well wisher of ISSJS

Welcome to this electronic newsletter from ISJS.

Hope you enjoy being updated by the events and developments at ISJS.
Please do send your comments, feedback and news items to make this newsletter an effective ommunication between us

Shugan Jain PhD

May 29

ISSJS 2008 all set to start on June 1st 2008

Mrs. Meetu Jain, Ms Vaishali Gupta, Mr Sanjeev Jain, Prof. M.L. Jain along with Shugan Jain are giving final touches to the arrangements for ISSJS2008. All scholars for the two months program and the ones from USA for the one month program are arriving on May 30th to be received by Sanjeev at the airport. Prof Anne Vallely is also arriving on May 30th night to coordinate arrangements for her class from Canada and personally welcome them at the airport.

The University of Ottawa class will be staying at Jain Mandir Chhoti Badi opposite Ansal Plaza South Plaza while the remaining class will stay at the university (Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Sanskrit Vidhyapeeth).

As usual, our entire staff and the cook Gopal are eagerly looking forward to welcome and serve the scholars during their stay with ISSJS. 

ISSJS-2008 will be formally inaugurated on June 1st Sunday at India International Center New Delhi. Prominent academicians, social celebrities are expected to join us in welcoming the scholars.

Yatish and Meetu will keep you all informed about the events as they happen through this newsletter.  Please do stay in touch with your feedback, news to make ISJS2008 worth your expectations.


Jun 02

ISSJS inaugurated its 4th Summer School At IIC, Delhi

Prof Vachaspati Upadhyay inaugurated 4th ISSJS on 1st June 2008 at India International Centre New Delhi.


Navakar Mantra by Lata Mangeshkar, melody queen of India kept the entire auditorium by the holy Jain mantra. Then at 10AM sharp, Ashish Jain BE(Delhi) MBA (IIMA) and a very successful young businessman who compared the entire program as is a professional MC, briefed the audience about with ISSJS. Mrs. Dr Indu Jain, a noted TV personality and singer of devotional songs sang the invocation mantra (sarawati vandana or homage to the goddess of knowledge) followed by a devotional song.

Dr. Shugan Jain, in his directorial speech took the audience on a pilgrimage of the concept, the actual progress and the present class of 4th ISSJS to the audience. The entire audience was spell bound by the audio visual presentation including navakar renditions by Kathleen, ISSJS alumni, and the philosophy and dedication of ISSJS team to bring ISSJS to the present state. His presentation highlighted ISSJS, its main objectives, benefit to Jainism, future plans and an invitation to the community to join and support the ISJS movement. The entire class of 35 scholars was in full attendance along with a selection of academia and the Jain community.

Prof. Anne Vallely and Prof. Gail Gelburd representing the two programs i.e. one month and two months were facilitated for their dedication and commitment to the cause of ISSJS. Representing the major donors of ISSJS in India, Mr. Subhash Jain was also facilitated by ISSJS trustee Mrs. Uma Jain.

Prof. Upadhyay, Vice chancellor, Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, addressed the audience and kept them spell bound with his beautiful renditions of Sanskrit verses and introducing the sum and substance i.e. Non-violence of Jain philosophy and its propagation by ISSJS internationally in the academic world, a task which even well established universities have not been able to achieve.

Prof. Anne Vallery & Prof. Gail Gelburd then addressed the audience.

The programme then took a cultural turn in the form of a beautiful and eye capturing Yog bhavai dance with 108 pots on her head by Pranita Jain, a young 13 years old dancer from Bhilwara. Her dance was based on Navakar mantra and depicted Jain philosophy all through. She danced on a bed of 108 nails & 4 glasses too.

Mr. N.K. Sethi also addressed the audience on behalf of the participating institutions followed by reading of massages from Dr Sulekh Jain and Prof. Dr. S. Cromwell Crawford by Ashish Jain.

Prof. M.L. Jain gave the vote of thanks.

The program was followed by a get together & a lunch. The lunch got extended for over 90 minutes where we saw a good interaction between the visitors and local community. There was a feeling of celebration of an auspicious event all through.

Jun 11

ISSJS2008 completes its first eleven days stay at Delhi


Ahimsa Sthal Group Photo
group photo

After the inauguration of ISSJS2008 at IIC and visits to Jain Lal Mandir and Baradari Sthanak, the school started its formal academic sessions at Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidhyapeeth. We had lectures by a number of Jain scholars on subjects ranging from uniqueness of Jainism to its history, sects, Mahavir, festivals, rituals, music, health care, metaphysics and Jain art. There were lively discussions in most of sessions. 

Prof. James with Dr. Shugan Jain

The evenings were utilized to visit Jain temples (Ahimsa Sthal and Badi Dadabari), Sanskriti (centre of Indian art museums and teaching campus) and an exhibition of Jain art pilgrimages.

Get together at Dr. Shugan Jain’s Residence

The school leaves for Jaipur via a three days pilgrimage to Mathura, Gwalior, Sonagir and Deogarh showcasing Jain art of Central India with vast treasures of Jain images from 1st century BC till now.

Some of the highlights of the stay are:

  • Recital of Jain pujas by Prof Jai Kumarji with musicians for practical demonstration.
  • Illustrated lectures by Professors D.C.Jain and S.C.Manchanda (leading medical practitioners and professors of Delhi) on application of Jain principles for better health with emphasis on diet, stress and emotions management.
  • Exposure to Jain temples and Sanskriti show casing Indian art.
  • Excellent lecture by Rajinder Jain on Jain music with live presentations. Got a standing ovation. His latest album on Navkar by him and Lata Mangeshkar was a big hit.
  • An evening session with highly educated Jain women from Vasantika discussing issues such as marriage and divorce, pregnancy and abortion, puja and karma.
  • An evening for 19 students (one month program) with Shugan and Uma at their residence to give an idea of how Jain’s live and their homes.
  • Visit to Adhyatam Sadhna Kendra for live session on Preksha Dhyan by Swami Dharma Nand and recommended diet for healthy and stress free life.
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