Concern For Cruelty To The Horse

Posted: 28.08.2016
We have been conducting an International Summer School for Jain Academic Studies (ISSJS) since 2005. ISSJS is meant for full time faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students from any foreign university. The participants go to India during summer for four to eight weeks for experiential based study of Jainism. In the very first session of the International School for Jain Studies, in 2005, a graduate student...

Jainism In Comparison With Hinduism And Buddhism

Posted: 01.07.2010
By Dr. Pankaj Jain
1. Introduction The history of India has witnessed two distinct traditions since pre-historic times. They can be viewed as the two parallel streams, one being the Vedic culture and the other being Shramanic culture. Vedic culture is sometimes called as Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma or Brahmanism. Whereas under the broad category of Shramanic culture, there are two distinct religions: Jainism and Buddhism. This...

ISSJS 2009 One Month Program June 24th At Dadabari New Delhi

Posted: 25.07.2009
ISSJS 2009 One Month Program June 24th At Dadabari New Delhi All the eleven participants to the one month program completed their studies at Parasnath Vidhyapeeth Varanasi. Stay at Paransnath Vidhyapeeth was fairly comfortable and lecture schedule was very well received. The participants visited the Jain temples and participated in the Snatra puja. Afterwards they were offered a jain breakfast at the temple...

ISSJS News 2008 /10

Posted: 06.10.2008
Invitation to Attend ISSJS 2009 The fall season is here with students going back to universities and colleges. We have been busy in reviewing the ISSJS2008 and preparing for ISSJS2009. We are glad to inform you that the governing council of ISSJS has introduced a number of initiatives to make ISSJS2009 more academically rewarding and experiential program. We are attaching the ANNOUNCEMENT folder inviting...

Windward Students Head For India To Study Jainism

Posted: 07.07.2008
By Patrick Hascall
UNIVERSITY of HAWAIʻI, WINDWARD COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Campus News Sarah Hadmack provides an independent study course for those interested in Jainism. Photo: Tara Severns Four WCC students are among a select group chosen worldwide for a month-long, expenses-paid study tour in India.
 Students Jonna Manatad and Jennifer Pedroso Lett have been accepted to participate in the 2008 International Summer School for...

ISSJS News 2008 July

Posted: 07.07.2008
01.07.2008 Soon Program will be initiated to create a comprehensive data Base of Jain Academicians and Scholars world wide. International School for Jain Academic Studies (ISJS), JAINA and. Sarah Hadmack of the University of Hawaii at Honolulu will be launching a major effort in early July 2008, to create a comprehensive data base of Jain academicians, Jain scholars and Jain related books in the libraries of...

ISSJS -2008/03 - A Brief Progress Report

Posted: 01.04.2008
Starting in 2005 and with 7 participants only, the ISSJS has grown to 36 participants in 2008. So far, ISSJS has graduated 53 scholars and after the completion of ISSJS 2008 at end of July, 2008, we will have graduated nearly 90 scholars from this school. These scholars come from more than 20 universities in USA, Canada, Russia, Thailand, Cambodia, Cuba and Philippines. Here is a Brief snapshot of the...

Peace Through Dialog 2007 - Sarah Hadmack : Diverse, Not Different

Posted: 26.10.2007
Peace means more than just non-violence. Peace is an active process, a conscious choice one makes. To establish lasting peace, the focus must be on how peace is created and maintained, not just curing any given current conflict in any geographical area. These conflicts are the symptoms of a deeper psychological lack of peace. Peace must be established as a meaningful value, a principle one cannot live without.

Peace Through Dialog 2007 - Yashwant K. Malaiya & Sulekh C. Jain : Peace And Harmony Through Dialogue

Posted: 20.10.2007
There is now increasing interest in the study of the culture and philosophy of South Asia, partly as a result of increasing interest in pluralism and global issues. There has been significant immigration to North America from India. Many faculty members at universities are now Indian, and so are many distinguished professionals in medicine, finance etc. There is now a lot of academic interest in Hinduism and...