Modern day Editing, Translation and Commentaries on Jain Āgamas

Posted: 14.02.2019
In the very beginning there was a tradition of memorizing the scriptures. Even after the invention of the printing system, the tradition of using the hand-written manuscripts was in practice. Hence, Jain āgamas could not reach the masses. First of all in 1880 A.D. Ray Dhanapat Singh Bahadur had published the Jain āgamas, but this edition was not published or edited scientifically. However, the...

Pūrva Literature

Posted: 29.12.2018
Fourteen pūrvas occupied an adorable place in Jain tradition which proclaims to be the everlasting source of śruta jñāna ( śabdajñāna ) i.e. verbal knowledge. But opinions differ over its meanings and authorship. Earlier Acharyas believed that the pūrvas were composed prior to dvādaśāṅgī and that is why they were called pūrva i.e. prior...

24.03.2018 ►20th Anniversary Jaina Studies Workshop ►Book of Abstracts

Posted: 20.03.2018
SOAS Centre for Jaina Studies 20th Anniversary Jaina Studies Workshop History and Current State of Jaina Studies Book of Abstracts Digambara Books of Discipline: A Study in Progress Nalini Balbir, Sorbonne III, University of Paris, France While the canonical Śvetāmbara Chedasūtras have been the starting point of increased scholarship in the last decades, their Digambara counterparts are still very...

Report on Conferences in Japan, 2010

Posted: 04.09.2017
By Tomoyuki Uno
Centre of Jaina Studies Newsletter: SOAS - University of London The 61st Congress of the Japanese Association of Indian and Buddhist Studies (JAIBS) was held at Rissho University, Tokyo, on 9-10 September 2010. The JAIBS is the largest conference on Indian and Buddhist Studies in Japan, and has been held every year since 1949. The congress this year comprised 14 panels and 271 speakers. Of these, six papers...

HN4U Condolence/Obituary Page for Gurudev Acharya Mahaprajna

Posted: 22.04.2017
22.04.2017 8th Mahaprayan Day of Acharya Mahaprajna Jainism’s Golden Sun Sets Please send your contribution by email to 108 Sunita Bothra When Glory of the God take birth as a human being it is called Mahapragya, a great philosopher, a pious saint who illuminated the whole world by his pious thoughts. He enlightened our life by giving the important method like Jeevan Vigyan and Preksha...

Jaina Hagiography and Biography: SOAS Jaina Studies Workshop 2014

Posted: 10.05.2016
By Kristi L. Wiley
Centre of Jaina Studies Newsletter: SOAS - University of London he 16th Jaina Studies Workshop, hosted by the SOAS Centre for Jaina Studies, was held 21 March 2014. It coincided with the ten-year anniversary of the Centre's founding. The theme was Jaina Hagiography and Biography. On the evening prior to the workshop, Dr Saryu Doshi, formerly Honorary Director of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Mumbai,...

Worshipping the Ideal King: On the Social Implications of Jaina Conversion Stories (3)

Posted: 03.03.2016
By Dr. Peter Flügel
Part 3: 2.2 The Conversion of the Merchant Banārasīdās A brief glance at the description of the 'conversion' of the seventeenth century merchant and mystic Banārasīdās from Śaivism (the religion of the kings) to Jainism (the religion of his ancestors) in the Ardhakathānaka shall, finally, help to illustrate the pervasiveness of conceptions like those implicit in the Śālibhadracarita. There are...

Ahimsa as a Socio-Spiritual Value

Posted: 30.05.2015
By Prof. Dr. Kamal Chand Sogani
There is no denying the fact that the doctrine of Ahimsa is the be-all and end-all of the Jinist way of life and living. "Just as in the world there is nothing higher than the Meru mountain and nothing more extended than the sky, so also in the world, there is no value excellent and universal corresponding to Ahimsa'." The oldest Jaina Agama Ayaro remarkably pronounces that none of the living beings ought to be...

Muni Jambuvijayajī Homage and Reminiscences

Posted: 29.04.2015
By Prof. Dr. Nalini Balbir
The 12th November 2009 will remain as a gloomy day for everyone as it brought the shocking and sad news that a jewel of knowledge and kindness has suddenly disappeared from this earth. I am not among the scholars who sat in long discussing sessions with Muni Jambūvijayajī, but I had the privilege to meet him and have his darshan a few times during the last 30 years. Each meeting, however short it was, was...

A Catalogue of Manuscripts in Jaisalmer Jain Bhandaras

Posted: 28.04.2015
By Prof. Dr. Nalini Balbir
About: A rare catalogue of world's most famous Jains Granth Bhandars of Jaisalmer. It contains the most ancient and rare granths which remained unexplored due to inaccessibility for quite some time. It is a store house of intellectual riches of the Jains. A large portion of Bhandar consists of palmleaf Mss dated from circa 1140 to 1340 A.D. The voluminous work seems exhaustive in mentioning all the important...