ICSJP â–ºJainism: Looking Beyond Scientific Techniques

Posted: 08.12.2016
By Prof. Dr. Narendra Bhandari
International Conference on Science and Jain Philosophy The Space Visionary, winner of several awards, author of several books - Prof Narendra Bhandari M.Sc., Ph.D. has carried out research in Planetary, Earth and space sciences in India and abroad. He has made pioneering contributions to India's first Mission to the Moon, Chandrayaan-1. When we look at religious scriptures, a question which always comes to...

Water - A single Molecular Living Being

Posted: 02.08.2013
By Samani Chaitya Pragya
Abstract It is well established that water is a chemical and biochemical entity and that it is a combination of two gases - Hydrogen and oxygen (H2O). But it is rarely accepted as a living (biological) entity. The idea of single-cell-organisms is also well established but not of single molecular being. The present study aims at finding the proofs that proves water as a single molecular living Being. 1.1...