HN4U Condolence/Obituary Page for Gurudev Acharya Mahaprajna

Posted: 22.04.2017
22.04.2017 8th Mahaprayan Day of Acharya Mahaprajna Jainism’s Golden Sun Sets Please send your contribution by email to 108 Sunita Bothra When Glory of the God take birth as a human being it is called Mahapragya, a great philosopher, a pious saint who illuminated the whole world by his pious thoughts. He enlightened our life by giving the important method like Jeevan Vigyan and Preksha...

Prof. Dr. Natalia Zheleznova

Posted: 10.02.2015
Senior Research Fellow Institute of Oriental Studies Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow Prakrit is one of the oldest Indo-Aryan languages and known to be one of the most difficult to understand. Only a few scholars knowing this language are alive today. In 2005, she published a book known as " Doctrine of Kundakunda in Philosophical and Religious Tradition of Jainism " with translation from Prakrit into...

07.11.2014 ►Delhi ►Ahimsa Yatra Invitation

Posted: 08.11.2014
08.11.2014 Delhi The four months Chaturmas of Acharya Shree Mahashraman was conducted in the Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra where the two concluding historic steps of Acharya Tulsi Birth Centenary Celebration were organised. The Tulsi Smriti Granth was inaugurated by the President of India, Shree Pranab Mukherjee. Shree L.K.Advani, Smt. Smriti Irani and many other Cabinet Ministers, Governors and Chief Ministers of many...

Anuvrat International Conference ►Delhi ►Biographies of Eminent Invitees

Posted: 03.10.2014
Anuvrat International Conference Biographies of Eminent Invitees (in Alphabetical order) Dr. Bernie Meyer Mahatma Gandhi is regarded as one of the great men of the 20th Century for introducing non-violence to oust the British Empire from India. "Now, more than ever, is Gandhi's message needed," says Dr. Bernie Meyer. He introduces the historic Gandhi with a real life portrayal, humanizing the life and teachings...

Ahimsa Times 169, 2014-09

Posted: 03.09.2014
Ahimsa Times This is a Special Issue on Jain Shashan Prabhavak V.R.Gandhi’s 150th Birth Anniversary Courtesy: Pankaz Chandmal Hingarh TEMPLES NATIONWIDE CAMPAIGN TO SAVE JAIN HERITAGE TEMPLE The Jain Mutt at Moodabidri, has launched a campaign to declare the culture rich temple Tribhuvana Tilaka Chudamani, popularly known as the thousand-pillar basadi, as a heritage site. The community has also launched an...

16.06.2014 ►Muni Jayant Kumar Meets Sonia Gandhi

Posted: 17.06.2014
2014.06.16 Muni Jayant Kumar Meets Sonia Gandhi 01 2014.06.16 Muni Jayant Kumar Meets Sonia Gandhi 02

Ahimsa Times 163, 2014-03

Posted: 04.03.2014
Ahimsa Times PARNA AUCTION GOES FOR RUPEES 21,21,00,000 AT MARINE DRIVE MUMBAI Maharaj Saheb Shri Hasratan Vijayji has completed hundred and eighty days of fasting. This occasion has given the reason for glorious celebrations to his followers and community members. As per the prevalent tradition, the community announced Parna Auction. A big number of followers participated in this auction at Marine Drive Mumbai...

Ahimsa Times 162, 2014-02

Posted: 03.02.2014
Ahimsa Times THIS ISSUE OF AHIMSA TIMES DEDICATED TO JAIN MINORITY ISSUE Trustees, Editors & Patrons of Ahimsa Foundation & Ahimsa Times Expresses their Gratefulness towards Indian Cabinet for Granting Minority Status to Jains at National Level. While paying homage, we also remember Late Sri Bal Patil and thank him for his arduous efforts on behalf of Jain Community on this subject. Several Individuals and...

Ahimsa Times 158, 2013-10

Posted: 08.10.2013
"What would be the condition of the Indian Sanskrit literature if the contribution of the Jains were removed? The more I study Jain literature the more happy and wonder struck I am." Prof. Johannes Hertel, Germany ACTIVITIES IN SAINT COMMUNITY JAIN SECTS UNITE FOR PARYUSHAN FOR FIRST TIME IN HISTORY For the first time in 2,500 years, the two sects of Jainism - Shvetambar and Digambar - have come together for...

Ahimsa Times 157, 2013-09

Posted: 05.09.2013
On the Occasion of Paryushan and Das-Lakshana Parva, We sincerely request for forgiveness if we may have hurt your feelings by thoughts, words or actions, knowingly or unknowingly. MICHCHHAMI DUKKADDAM Picture Source: Jain Vegans Working Group ( ). For further information, please visit . PARYUSHAN: THE FESTIVAL OF SELF-UPLIFT BY THE HOLY OBSERVATION OF TEN UNIVERSAL...