The Unborn Curse - A Novel by Muni Lokprakash - Message from Sheela Dixit

Posted: 05.03.2005
By Sheela Dixit
I was delighted to learn that Munishri Lokprakash 'Lokesh' has written this outstanding novel titled, "The Unborn Curse" on the burning social theme of "Foeticide". Through the medium of this thought-provoking work, the author has very successfully endeavoured to arouse the conscience of the people in regard to the female embryo.

The Unborn Curse - A Novel by Muni Lokprakash 'Lokesh' - Preface

Posted: 02.03.2005
By Muni Lokprakash
Preface The emergence of the identity of humanity as well as the growth of civilizations have always been simultaneous. In matters of values of life, it should be reasonable to expect from the civilized society that it will refrain from indulging in demonstrative word mongering or building high-blown castles in the air. However, what we actually see is that in this regard too man has been far from discreet and...