Uttar Pradesh ►Badagaon ►Trilok Jain Temple

Posted: 02.11.2015
Trilok Jain Temple, Badagaon, U.P. All Jains Visiting Delhi should See this Unique Temple, Really Iconic Temple Holding Panch Kalyanak Maha Mahotsav from 15th to 23rd Feb. 2015 Intimate about your Visit to Mr. Shamlal Jain, (Tel: 098-9162-7006) to make your stay comfortable & memorable. Only One Hour Highway Drive from Delhi (40 Km) With the inspiration of Aacharyashri Vidyabhushan Sammati Sagarji Maharaj...

22.09.2014 ►Badagaon ►Invitation To Trilok Teerth

Posted: 26.01.2015
By Editor Carla Geerdes
At the occasion of the historical gathering of different Digambara Sanghs the day before in Model Town Christian Geerdes got acquainted with Shamlal Jain, member of Trilok Teerth Organising Committee. Trilok Teerth is the name of a Digambara Jain temple under construction near Badagaon, Uttar Pradesh (UP), approximately in 40km distance from Delhi. Trilok or Triloka is the name in Jainism for the 3 worlds or...

Jain Study Circular 2010 - 4

Posted: 13.10.2010
Jain Study Circular Volume 31, Number 4, October-December 2010 Editorial Advisers: Manish Y. Modi (Mumbai), Richa Jain, Rashmi Jain, Sunita Jain, Dr. Ranjana Jain, Sundeep Hora, Ranita Jain, Sean D. DeWitt, Dr. Chandrakant P. Shah Glimpses of the October-December 2010 Issue Quotations from scriptures: Acharya Umasvati, in the ninth chapter of TATTVAARTH SUTRA, discusses the stoppage of influx (SAMVAR) and...