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Posted: 13.09.2018
Paryushan 2019 (27.08. - 03.09.) Sravak Pratikraman By Samani Malaypragya ji Aparigraha Jain has left for his heavenly abode 10.12.1947 - 12.04.2018 Aparigraha Jain has left for his heavenly abode 10.12.1947 - 12.04.2018 Obituary Condolence page Ahimsa Yatra 2018/19 Actual Travelplan: 22.11.2018 ►Ahimsa Yatra ►Chennai - Bangalore 2019.12 Acharya Mahashraman Ahimsa Yatra View full album...

10.12.1947 - 12.04.2018 ►Aparigraha Jain Has Left for His Heavenly Abode

Posted: 25.04.2018
Aparigraha Jain has left for his heavenly abode 10.12.1947 - 12.04.2018 The last rites of Shri Aparigraha Jain The last rites of Shri Aparigraha Jain will be performed on Wednesday, 18.04.2018 from 15:00 until 16:30 CET [18:30 until 21:00h IST]. We will celebrate his life, recite Namokar Mantra and Sharan Sutra, and practice all together Preksha Meditation and a light meditation. During the time of...

Obituary of Aparigraha Jain ►Founder, Publisher, Editor of HereNow4U

Posted: 20.04.2018
By Editor Carla Geerdes
Obituary Aparigraha Jain Founder, Publisher, Editor of Herenow4U It is my sad duty today, so short after his cremation, to write on this wonderful soul who has left for his heavenly abode on 12.04.2018, and with whom I shared all events of life more than half of my and his life. Aparigraha Jain was gifted with many extraordinary talents and has succeeded in many fields of life. As an entrepreneur he was able to...

10.12.1947 - 12.04.2018 ►Aparigraha Jain Has Left for His Heavenly Abode

Posted: 16.04.2018

14.04.2018 ►FB ►Preksha Meditation

Posted: 14.04.2018
Very sad news… Aparigraha Ji (Berlin, Germany) has left for heavenly abode on 12th April 2018. Aparigraha Ji was an advanced Preksha Practitioner and a trainer in Europe. He dedicated all his life in propagation of Jain literature, including Preksha meditation literature, to western world. Aparigraha Ji’s contribution in propagating Preksha meditation in western world can’t be described in words...

Acharya Premsuri Maharaj Saheb

Posted: 27.09.2016
Tapagachadhipati Acharya Premsurishwarji Marasaheb Acharya Prem Suri was a Jain Svetambar Murtipujaka Acharya. He belonged to the Tapa Gaccha sub-sect. After his death, his tradition was divided into two; led by Ram Chandra Suri and Bhuvan Bhanu Suri respectively. His tradition has the largest number of monks in Svetambara murtipujaka sect. He was a disciple of Acharya Dansuriji. Along with Vijayanandsuri,...

Obituary for Swami Dharmanandji

Posted: 25.01.2016
Swami Dharmanand Ji left for Heavenly Abode on 24.01.2016, Delhi Swami Dharmananda ji practiced and instructed yoga during the whole time of his professional life. Furthermore he was a devoted follower of Lord Mahavira’s teachings and the Acharyas of Terapanth Sangh. Very soon in his professional life 9th Terapanth Acharya Tulsi asked him to work exclusively on the field of spirituality. When he was the head...

Uttar Pradesh ►Badagaon ►Trilok Jain Temple

Posted: 02.11.2015
Trilok Jain Temple, Badagaon, U.P. All Jains Visiting Delhi should See this Unique Temple, Really Iconic Temple Holding Panch Kalyanak Maha Mahotsav from 15th to 23rd Feb. 2015 Intimate about your Visit to Mr. Shamlal Jain, (Tel: 098-9162-7006) to make your stay comfortable & memorable. Only One Hour Highway Drive from Delhi (40 Km) With the inspiration of Aacharyashri Vidyabhushan Sammati Sagarji Maharaj...

2016.01.8-10 ►ICSJP ►Young Researchers’ Program | Committees

Posted: 21.10.2015
International Conference on Science and Jain Philosophy [ICSJP] Young Researchers’ Program The International Conference on Science and Jain Philosophy is being organized by Bhagawan Mahavira International Research Centre (BMIRC) of Jain Vishva Bharati Institute (JVBI), Rajasthan at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai during January 8-10, 2016. To encourage and motivate young research scholars...

Samani Vikas Pragya

Posted: 26.03.2015
Birth date : 15.04.1983 Birth place : Kalu (Rajasthan, India) Initiation date : 05.11.1997 Initiation place : Ganga Shahar, Rajasthan Qualification: M.A. in Jainology, Jain Vishva Bharati University. Capabilities: Expertise in languages: Hindi, Rajasthani, Gujarati and can understand English, Sanskrit and Prakit. Expertise in Yoga and meditation. Expertise in Singing. Has deep knowledge of Jainism. Skillfull in...