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Posted: 18.01.2012
Dear Reader, This HN4U website takes another important step. We switched to Version 3.5. on 18.January 2012 at 10 am local Berlin time. To realize the concept of HN4U we came to the conclusion that we have to develop our own database & publishing software to overcome the experienced limitations. So we started the project to replace the current system which will be finished by Version 4.0. From version 3 to...

HN4U Team

Posted: 22.09.2011
2018 aktive: Raoul Huebner Sushil Bafana Hemlatha Bhandari Rajshree Pugalia Kavita Bhansali Amit Kumar Jain 2018 inaktive: Christian Geerdes Carla Geerdes Sushil Choraria Mahima Sethia Ritu S. Jain Shivani Bothra Chandni Sethia Shalu Chopra Nitu Ostwal Late Dharmanand ji [ 09.06.2016] Late Dr. Rudi Jansma [xx.09.2017]

Launch of New Edition of HereNow4U

Posted: 15.08.2008
By Editor Aparigraha Jain
Dear Reader, is online since 15.08.2008 19:00 MET The site is databased and will become faster everyday. Some parts are unfinished e.g. [MEDIA] and others have to be cleaned up [e.g. GLOSSARY]. The move of the content of Edition 2 left some problems in the layout of a lot of articles - some articles lost their author's informations or pictures, etc. So there is still a lot to do in the next weeks...

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Posted: 01.07.2008
HereNow4U Hempstücken 6 14109 Berlin Germany phone mail Christian Geerdes Aparigraha Jain Editor & publisher Aparigraha Jain we miss you all. Carla Geerdes Karuna Jain Editor +49+30 80583858 new mail address: carla[at] Raoul Huebner Publishing software developer & webmaster office[at] Correspondents: HereNow4U Correspondents INDIA mail Sushil Bafana Jalgaon Sushil Kumar Bafana...