Saman Siddhapragya is his past four births

Posted: 03.09.2017
Saman Siddha Pragya was initiated by Acharya Tulsi. He was the disciple of Acharya Mahapragya. He was a native of Ujjain, the city of Mahakal. Influenced by desires to meditate and feeling a sense of detachment for worldly pleasures, he got initiated into the practice of Preksha Meditation. He also practiced Science of Living and did his post graduation from Jain Vishva Bharati Institution (Deemed University...

23.08.2017 ►Kantabanjhi ►Reticence Day of Paryushan Festival

Posted: 23.08.2017
ShortNews in English Kantabanjhi: 23.08.2017 Reticence day i.e. speech control was observed on the 4th day of Paryushan Festival. Muni Arhat Kumar and Saman Siddh Pragya were present at Kantabanjhi for chaturmas 2017. Muni said that speech acts both as elixir and venom. We should think before speaking. This will be beneficial for us and will also inspire others. News in Hindi

5-9.03.2016 ►Jeevan Vigyan Academy ►Pre-birth Experience Prekshadhyan Camp

Posted: 10.03.2016
Jeevan Vigyan Academy ShortNews in English: Perform Pre-Birth Experience Prekshadhyan Camp Anuvrat Bhavan, New Delhi, March 9, 2016. Under the auspicious presence of Honourable Mantri Muni Sumermal and direction of Prekshadhyan Trainer 'Shasan Sri' Muni Kishanlal, completion ceremony of five days (5th to 9th March, 2016) Prekshadyan camp at Anuvrat Bhavan, Delhi. People from Delhi, Chandigarh, Ludhiana,...

27.10.2015 ►Delhi ►Gyanshala Trainers Training Camp in Presence of Mantri Muni Sumermal

Posted: 29.10.2015
Delhi: 27.10.2015 Gyanshala Trainers Training Camp was held in Presence of Mantri Muni Sumermal. 42 Gyanshala Teachers participated in camp. Training was given by Muni Udit Kumar, Saman Siddh Pragya and Upasak Normal Nowlakha. Nirmal Nowlakha Mantri Muni Sumermal Ladies Audience Audience Muni Udit Kumar Saman Siddh Pragy Mantri Muni Sumermal TSS Hindi Report

17.06.2015 ►Delhi ►Saman Siddha Pragya ►"Care Yourself" Workshop

Posted: 04.08.2015
17.06.2015 Delhi "Care Yourself" Workshop organised in Delhi in presence of Saman Siddha Pragya by Terapanth Mahila Mandal. Training was given on Health care, Diet and Preksha Meditation.

31.07.2015 ►Bhilwara ►Saman Siddha Pragya ►Jeevan Vigyan Workshop

Posted: 04.08.2015
31.07.2015 Bhilwara Jeevan Vigyan Workshop conducted at Adarsh Vidya madir, Bhilwara by Saman Siddha Pragya. Workshop was attended by 500 students

16.07.2015 ►Bhilwara ►Preksha Meditation Workshop

Posted: 17.07.2015
ShortNews in English Bhilwara: 16.07.2015 5 day Preksha meditation workshop was organised in presence of Muni Suresh Kumar. Saman Siddh Pragya made them do some experimentation with preksha dhyan and also told about its benefits. The program was hosted by Muni Sambodh Kumar. News in Hindi

01.07.2015 ►New Delhi ►Tribute to Acharya Bhikshu

Posted: 02.07.2015
ShortNews in English New Delhi: 01.07.2015 A function was organised on the auspicious occasion of "Swamiji (Acharya Bhikshu) ki Teras" in presence of Muni Sumermal (Sudarshan) at Model Town. Muni Jayant Kumar, Muni Anushasan Kumar, Muni Meru Kumar, Muni Tanmay Kumar and Saman Siddh Pragya, they all sang a gitika to pay tribute to Acharya Bhikshu. News in Hindi

30.06.2015 ►New Delhi ►How to make Family - A Paradise?

Posted: 01.07.2015
ShortNews in English New Delhi: 30.06.2015 A workshop on "How to make Family - A Paradise" was organised in presence of Muni Sumermal (Sudarshan). Saman Siddh Pragya began with explaining the seven formulas for happiness. Muni Jayant Kumar gave a motivational statement on how to make your home a paradise. Many people attended the program. News in Hindi

29.06.2015 ►New Delhi ►12 Vows Workshop

Posted: 01.07.2015
ShortNews in English New Delhi: 29.06.2015 Workshop on 12 vows was organised at Model Town in presence of Muni Sumermal (Sudarshan). Muni Jayant Kumar, Muni Tanmay Kumar expressed their views on 12 vows. Saman Siddh Pragya read the 12 vows and also made the people do some meditation. The program began with a gitika sang by Muni Anushasan Kumar and Muni Meru Kumar. News in Hindi