41 ►The Problem of Lack Of Thinking

Posted: 17.09.2019
Man has goodness in him. Man has also the evil in him. Usually, a person's thinking extends to the point from where the good in him becomes manifest. When he looks at others, his point of view changes. The mentality of looking at others in one's own context is on the decline. How would it benefit to look at the bad things in others? What is the point in getting involved in the questions as to how bad a...

11.09.2019 ►SS ►Sangh Samvad News

Posted: 12.09.2019
🙏🌸*⃣🌸🙏🌸*⃣🌸🙏🌸*⃣ 'सम्बोधि' का संक्षेप रूप है— सम्यक् दर्शन, सम्यक् ज्ञान और सम्यक् चारित्र। यही आत्मा है। जो आत्मा में अवस्थित है, वह इस त्रिवेणी में स्थित है...

31.08.2019 ►SS ►Sangh Samvad News

Posted: 01.09.2019
News in Hindi Video 🧘‍♂ *प्रेक्षा ध्यान के रहस्य* 🧘‍♂ 🙏 #आचार्य श्री #महाप्रज्ञ जी द्वारा प्रदत मौलिक #प्रवचन 👉 *#चिंतन का #परिणाम *: #श्रंखला ४* एक #प्रेक्षाध्यान शिविर में...

08 ►Foeticide: A Question-mark

Posted: 31.08.2019
Violence is on the increase. Terrorism is spread­ing. The culture of kidnapping is taking deep roots. Incidents of thefts, plundering and killing have not stopped. Murders and suicides have become routine. These happenings are reported in the newspapers in headlines. Such incidents involving violence are being universally condemned. No sensitive person justifies them. The atmosphere of insecurity and terror...

29.08.2019 ►Chalthan ►Abhinav Samayik During Paryushan Festival

Posted: 30.08.2019
Chalthan: 29.08.2019 Upasika Rachana Hiran guided people of Chal than to perform Abhinav Samayik. She along with 2 other upasika has organised devotion towards Bhikshu programme.

29.08.2019 ►SS ►Sangh Samvad News

Posted: 29.08.2019
News in Hindi 🙏🌸*⃣🌸🙏🌸*⃣🌸🙏🌸*⃣ 'सम्बोधि' का संक्षेप रूप है— सम्यक् दर्शन, सम्यक् ज्ञान और सम्यक् चारित्र। यही आत्मा है। जो आत्मा में अवस्थित है, वह इस त्रिवेणी में...


Posted: 04.08.2019
Analysis of Pañcabhūtav ā da has been primarily been done in Sūtrak ṛ t ā ṅ ga. Some philosophers accept the Pañcamah ā bhūtav ā da, that is, there are five basic elements - earth, water, fire, air and space and with their special combination a soul is produced. With the disintegration of these five elements the soul gets destroyed. This is their...

Vinayavāda (Believers in Modesty)

Posted: 03.08.2019
The foundation of Vinayavāda is humility or modesty. They believe that through humility everything is achievable. According to Sūtrak ṛ tā ṅ ga Cūr ṇ i, followers of Vinayavāda uphold that we must not criticize or speak ill of any ascetic or householder. There should be modesty and due respect towards all. There are thirty two types of Vinayavāda. Deities, king,...

20.07.2019 ►Rajsamand, Rajasthan ►2 days Preksha Meditation workshop

Posted: 23.07.2019
Rajsamand, Rajasthan: 20.07.2019 Preksha Meditation workshop was organised on 20 & 21st July 2019 at Rajsamand, Rajasthan at Bhikshu Niliyam. Preksha training was given by Shri Jethmal Choudhary. Kayotsarg, Yogic exercise, meditation were done by people. Dr. Seema Kavadiya helped in organising.

15.07.2019 ►SS ►Sangh Samvad News

Posted: 15.07.2019
Update 👉 चिकमगलूर - तेयुप कार्यालय का शुभारम्भ 👉 हिसार - आचार्य श्री भिक्षु जन्मोत्सव एवं बोधि दिवस कार्यक्रम 👉 सिकंदराबाद- बोधि दिवस एवं तेयुप शपथ ग्रहण...